Monday, May 2, 2016

This and That...

Is there an elephant in the room?'s a modern quilt made for a modern girl about to graduate...hanging over my exercise bike..(Hey, that bike is good for something!) I picked grey Kona and Tula Pink "Chipper"'s pressed and ready for quilting!  I know...not a very good picture...but it's the best I've got for a sunny Monday...stay tuned!

And on the design wall are these sweet baskets...the Free Mystery BOM from Linen Closet Blog...all stitched and waiting pretty for the next two blocks!  This is such a fun Mystery BOM!

 Also stitched and waiting for the next set of blocks is Buttermilk Basin's Mystery BOM...

See the snowflake...without the snowman's head...
 I couldn't decide whether to put the head of the snowman inside the snowflake or not...I kind'a like it plain...BUT it will all depend on the other 'filler blocks'!
And with the head....

There you have it!  It was a busy weekend... and the beginning of a brand new month! YIKES! The days months are flying by!  May promises to be an even busier quilting month, as there is the Victoria Quilt Show on May 6 and 7th (that's this FRIDAY and Saturday)  and Heritage's 'Hands Across the Border' is on the 16th...we are hosting the other Island guilds this year!  This event is ALWAYS fun!
SEW there you have it!  The ups and downs of the the fabric turns!  Stay tuned...

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Your snowflake looks a bit nekked without his buddy! But it's your piece so creative lecense is allowed.

    Have a good day stitching on your machine.

  2. Love, love, love the baskets! You are such an inspiration for wool work!

  3. Love the Buttermilk Basin blocks, but can't decide on the snowflake. The plain one gives the eye a break from the busyness of the other blocks, but the little bit of blue on the snowman is sweet. The baskets are fabulous, and so is your modern quilt. Somebody is going to be very happy with this quilt.

  4. Love your collection of applique baskets! Thank you for sharing.


  5. I love your wool BOM pieces, especially how you used the dark background on the baskets, that is stunning.


  6. Can't wait to see the "modern" quilt's looking great!

  7. I used to have an exercise bike in my sewing room. I can see now that I was wrong to remove it. : )
    I love your wool projects. I am saving patterns for both. You know, I kind of like the snowflake sans the snowman. It is a spacer block and it sort of makes it stand apart from the lettered blocks, rather than all run together.

  8. Sometimes it is so fun to step out of our quilting comfort zone - especially when the quilt is going to a newly graduated young lady. Not having a wool stash of my own (gasp!) I enjoy seeing all your woolies.