Saturday, May 21, 2016

Keep on Trucking...

I seem to be mad for Vintage Trucks these days...Look at what was spotted over at Bear Creek Quilting Company... Is it me...or do these Vintage Trucks keep cropping up...all over the place?!

This fabric is called 'Holiday Traditions' by Jan Shade Beach for Henry Glass and Co!  Wouldn't it have been perfect as the backing on these runners?  

Well it's too late for these runners...BUT not for the quilt that is still in bits and pieces that has MY name on it!  See it pays not to finish things right away!

And look at what followed me home the other day...Yup...I have vintage, rusty trucks on the brain!
Come Christmas I will tie on some of those vintage bottle brush trees and put it on that FINISHED Buttermilk Basin Vintage Tree Farm Quilt and it will look PERFECT!!

And above the quilt, I will hang this picture...

This was found in the after Christmas Sales section for 75% off at our local garden Nursery!  Yup...I have got to garden more often! :o))

Speaking of PERFECT...if you 'do' Instagram, then head on over to #Buttermilk Basin's IG...OMGosh!  You should see Stacy's newest projects that she has just unveiled in Salt Lake City at Quilt Market!  Talk about a vintage Truck fest!  I am in trucking heaven!!  Man, she is one talented designer! She keeps pumping them out at a rate faster than any gas pump that I have ever been to!  How to keep up...?  I guess we will just do our best to keep truckin' along.... :o)))

Have a SWEET Saturday and happy Quilting!~P


  1. Sweet finds Paulette, I'd have taken that truck home if I'd seen it. Love that fabric!

  2. I saw that print too! You're right! We need to back our Vintage Tree Farm quilts with it! Better get out and get it while the getting is good!
    That Stacy! I don't know how she expects us to keep up with her! ;-}

  3. Love your little truck. Speaking of BB where's this month's BOM? Late again!!

  4. That would be fun as a backing and love your new truck, that is a fun piece to decorate with and go with the pieces you have made.


  5. You definitely have a vintage red truck theme going! Love that fabric!

  6. Bear Creek should love you...I just ordered some of the trucks, and a panel and...... it is so cute. You never cease to inspire me! Thanks!! PLN

  7. Beautiful truck fabric and perfect for backing fabric! Keep on trucking!

  8. Maybe I should be asking Bear Creek for commission!!! Let me know if you will be ordering, I may want some 😃

  9. Love the little red truck theme. What a great rusty truck. Super cool. Don't you wonder how these trends get started?