Thursday, April 30, 2015

Goals for April…

Oyyy…it was a busy month…some goals were met…(insert happy dance)…some goals were not met (head hanging in shame)! 

Here’s how my month went…

1. Ten wee houses made…bringing the total to 42 wee houses!!


2. Winter Wonderland by Norma Whaley Facebook Sew Along…block four complete!


Did you notice that I forgot to reverse the mittens?…crap! I cut out the yellow mitten first and it was the only piece of yellow in my stash!  I couldn’t let that big piece of yellow Wool go to waste so I made ‘do’ and used it anyway!   Who’s going to notice?  Right?  Shhhh!  This quilt is SEW dang cute! On to the next block!


3.  Clam Shells…two more rows added, for a total of…15!  Done!  Geeze, I thought it would be a lot bigger by now…is this quilt EVER going to end?


4.  The Gift Quilt is ready for quilting….check!!  A little bigger than I thought…but she is done!  I plan to quilt it in May and put the binding on so that it will be ready for the gift wrap!


5. First block to the ‘Where the Cows Come Home’ Sew-A-Long…done!  Sweeter than corn syrup!IMG_4644

6. A UFO got completed…NOPE!  This just didn’t happen…nada…no sir-ree-sir…no way, no how…BUT in all fairness I did complete 27 school house blocks for my daughter’s wedding quilt (see HERE)…enough to make and expand the quilt by half a row.  I completed the 25 blocks then decided to make the quilt another row larger… I got two more houses done and need to stitch 3 more blocks to complete the house section of the quilt…so I am VERY please with this!  So yippee…I am putting my thumb on my nose and waving my fingers at the unfinished UFO…it will have to wait for next month! 

This is what 27 school house blocks look like all stacked up…positive and negatives together!


And now for the Gravy….More orange peels got hand stitched…almost seven completed blocks!  I need to prep more blocks and get them ready for May’s stitching…


And life happens in amongst working on my goals…ie. a neighbourhood baby was born…so if that wasn’t reason to break out some BLUE fabric, I don’t know what was!!…and with a name like Mason, how could I not put it on his new quilt!


I still need to stitch the falling hexies, quilt the top and sew on the binding…but the plan is to gift it next week! I’ll show more pictures later!

All in all…I am rather pleased with my progress…except for that BLASTED UFO!  Oh well, it’s been waiting about three years, so what’s another month…right?!  It’s all good!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wow! You've been very productive! The mittens are great jsut the way they are. :)

  2. I love all your little houses and the baby cute is adorable!

  3. I am happy that others keep as many projects going at one time as I do...nice to know I'm not alone. :)
    These are all great but I really love the wee houses.

  4. I think you've outdone yourself. And those orange peel blocks are fabulous. Love, love them. The mittens look great, no one would know that they are not reversed.

  5. Many wonderful projects and I am sure, the way you work, that you will reach your goals! Your progress on the little houses is impressive. They look beautiful!

  6. My first thought about the mitten was why didn't you just flip it over. Then I remember you use a reason I don't use fusibles most of the time. It still looks great.

    Congrats on your progress.

  7. Wow! Every one of your quilt projects are wonderful. Plus you take the time to show all of us. Thank you, enjoy your day.🐝

  8. Great progress! You are amazing! I have five wee houses done, since I caught the bug from you.....:). Thanks for all the pics, the mittens are fine the way they are.....whose to say they can't hang from either side.....

  9. You should be pleased. No head bowed in shame. Every project seemed to move forward. Have fun in the merry month of May!

  10. I think you got a LOT done - loving ALL these projects!!

  11. so much done in a month and so many lovely things you have shared a very busy bee you have been

  12. Hanging your head in shame? Woman, you got so much done I'm very impressed. Those house blocks are just too cute for words and I'm really looking forward to seeing the school house blocks put together!

  13. Wow--so many cute projects! I don't think it makes a bit of difference which way the mittens are hung, I love your orange peels--on my "someday" list!

  14. Wow--so many cute projects! I don't think it makes a bit of difference which way the mittens are hung, I love your orange peels--on my "someday" list!

  15. As usual, you are amazing. You got so much done. My Post it note that sits on my home page doesn't go down much. I did get my house quilt quilted and now will do the binding. Love it! Did a few other things, but nothing to write home about! ;-) You have a great start to May. Hugs

  16. Loving' your houses, your clams, and your orange peels. No shame to be seen.:)

  17. I swear we are genetically related!!! I am heading to Fabric Depot for some red and off white fabric for houses! Last week I got a bee in my sewing basket to make some orange peel blocks....I guess I want to be you!!!

  18. It looks like you were very productive to me, Paulette! Quite a satisfying round up, I think. :D

  19. You were busy in the sewing room! And time for a road trip along the way. Pat yourself on the back for getting near completion on your House Blocks for DD. It's going to be a stunner in Red and White!