Friday, April 24, 2015

Claire’s Field Trip…

Claire went on a Field Trip this week with a few of her quilting friends…to a Museum in Sidney (a small seaside town just outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island).  Being a retired Kindergarten Teacher, Claire has been on her fair share of field trips and a lot of those trips involved going to museums…But finally Claire went on one that she could REALLY enjoy and appreciate…Sidney had a little mini quilt show in the basement of their old post office (which is now a Museum).  It was hosted by a group of quilters called ‘Loose Threads SEW-ciety’ (got to love their name!)!

Check out what Claire saw on her field trip…magnificent QUILTS!  Some new…like this beauty!  Would you believe that all of these shapes have been machine appliqued onto the background!!



You can make out the wee zigzags on each shape…

IMGP2392 (1)

Look at this wee scrappy pineapple quilt…see the red middle triangle…it was only 1/4” wide!


Now for some of the older quilts owned by these quilters..they were under glass…


I REALLY want to make one of these!!


And how sweet is this house quilt…LOVE IT!


If you live in the area and would like to attend this quilt show, you can get the information HERE!

Don’t you love this old grocery ‘check-list’!


Now this is what I call a FIELD TRIP…and there was no little Johnny hanging from the quilt rods, no little Robby using a quilt to wipe his runny nose, no pushing, no shoving, no whining at the water fountain…no late bus…but yes, I have to say there was drooling, lots of DROOLING…and I confess that a lot of that drooling came from ME…LOVE that vintage whirly quilt, the clam shell quilt, the house quilt, the apple core…and so on…and so on….  Such scrappy happy goodness! 

Hey, Claire…ain’t retirement grand!  And no that’s not a questions!  It’s a FACT!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Lucky Claire......there are some beautiful quilts in that museum.....Moira's fan quilt.....what a beauty....and the one that has 18,500 pieces....WOW.

  2. Amazing Quilt Show! I see some wonderful scrappy quilts to inspire me. And, YES, retirement is the best.

  3. Wait a minute! Claire is in Australia! You should have gone with her.

  4. What a great show! Lots of inspiration here!

  5. Thanks for bringing us so much wonderful work to which we could not be there. , 9
    I was delighted.
    greetings :)

  6. Quilter's agree talented no matter what part of the world you live in. Thanks for sharing some wonderful quilts. Yes, retirement is grand!

  7. Wow! This has to be the most beautiful quilt collection I've seen in a long time! Each one is gorgeous and alive with history! Moira's Fan quilt is so interesting with the choice of fabrics and those little fans! Wouldn't any quilter love the be able to see all of these in person (and maybe add one or two to her perosnal collection)! Thanks for sharing!

  8. .... and that house quilt... how they look like they are floating! Wow! :-)