Saturday, April 11, 2015

WIP at Heritage Quilt Guild…

Lots of good things were happening at Heritage Quilt Guild in between slurps of coffee, visiting, mini workshops and meetings last Monday!  Just check out a wee snippet of the action that was happening around me…

Carol took a course and came home with this gorgeous bag!!  And it’s in my colour!  She liked it so much that she whipped up another one in fall colours…orange and rusts!


Carol said it was easy but hard on the hands.  I love the swirl on the side…gives it a punch of style!


This little sampler was found in the Guild’s cupboard..who made it  or how long it’s been there..know one knows!  The fabric is vintage…


…and it’s all hand quilted!  It just needed the binding and label, which were getting stitched by a volunteer.  This quilt is going into the Charity basket!


Glynis is attacking her wool fence with a vengeance…she wants this one done and put to rest!  The fence is the final border to her House! Houses! Houses! quilt.  Glynis said she never wants to stitch another house…well you can now add fences to that list!  I can’t wait to see this quilt all together!  It may have been painful to stitch but it will be magnificent to look at!  Kind of like giving birth…haha  The labour is worth the results!


LOOK at what Hazel is hand appliqueing!!  I love, love it!! 


Zooming in for a close-up!  Yup…magnificent!


And Tracey has had a VERY busy winter while I have been gone!  She is hand blanket stitching around each of these wee applique pieces and let me tell you, this quilt is going to be stunning!  Check out each of her blocks so far…


How fun is this quilt going to be when finished!  It’s a Bunny Hill Design and it’s called “A Woodland Christmas”!


Yup…like I said, the ladies like to keep busy in between slurping coffee, talking, eating…etc, etc, etc!  Next week, I will be wondering around the other half of the room…with camera in hand!  Be prepared for more fun and creative projects…more of Heritage’s WIP!

Have a SUNNY Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Amazing talent from the ladies and what a wonderful find, just a shame that you don't know who made it. I love the purse and the coil not only makes a nice accent, but a nice way to finish the edge.


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  2. As usual, much to see from those who attend your gathering. And so many interesting things made. Do they meet all winter long while you are gone?

  3. So many great projects. It is to bad no one knows who made that quilt. I love Tracey's fabric choices.