Sunday, May 3, 2015


I stumbled onto a Quilter’s Garage Sale yesterday and thought you might like to see my loot!


Fat Quarters…perfect for baby quilts,  perle cotton and an Add A Quarter Ruler.


I also found this little gizmo which I recognized right away but don’t know the name of.  You look through the other end at your blocks and it reduces the size so that you can see if the colours and block placement are correct.  Chris, from the Clubhouse had one and we were all admiring how slick it was (hers was an actual door peep hole that she bought at a hardware store)…now I have the Real Deal to play with! (Anyone know what they are called??)


This little ruler is perfect for paper piecing.  It has a ridge that nestles across the paper fold when you want to trim your fabric to 1/4”.  I have already tried it and it works perfectly!  Bring on those Wee Houses!


Lovely yardage…perfect for backings!  The green fabric on top is a Michael Miller linen and it is gorgeous!


I own most of Renee Nanneman’s books and now I have this one…and for only $1! 


All of Renee’s books are winners!


And look at this perle cotton…worth the $2 just for the wooden spools! 


Yup, I was yelling “START THE CAR!  START THE CAR!”  as I sprinted back to my vehicle…balancing my loot in my arms!

Hope your Saturday was as fun as mine…:o))

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You had me at 'a quilter's garage sale' Paulette. Sounds like heaven, and you snagged a whole lovely pile of goodies. Good for you!

  2. And as usual Paulette "scores!!!" Congrats!!

  3. You find the best yard sales!

  4. Those are the best kind of garage sale and I have been lucky enough to find a couple, but they are few and far between!

  5. It doesn't matter where you are at the time you seem to find the best quilting buys at garage sales. Good for you .

  6. I can't believe your wonderful luck! Thanks so much for sharing all of this and I am so envious! ;-) Have a great Sunday.

  7. Lucky you, I would be smiling for a week.

  8. Wow! Good for you! Happy Stitching!

  9. A reducing glass is what you are thinking of...usually they look like a magnifying glass but so the opposite.

    I've got a security peephole and a "bugeye" lens I got at a toy store that gives you multiple images thru it. Lots of fun.

  10. I laughed all the way through your post! Love the 'start the car' as all quilters can relate!

  11. Yes, your gizmo is a "reducing glass". Very helpful!

  12. You always seem to stumble onto the best garage sales. What a steal! Glad you got away.

  13. Man...when I go to garage sales, they have plastic baby toys and other items I don't need or want. I have never found a quilter's garage sale! Good job!

  14. You hit the jackpot! Enjoy your new treasures.

  15. You have psychic powers when it comes to finding quilters' garage sales.

  16. what a great stumble you had some lovely goodies you have got there, interested in the gadget sounds a good idea and must go to the hardware shop and get the door one to try

  17. You hit the jackpot Paulette....enjoy your loot!