Tuesday, April 21, 2015

West Shore Guild Quilt Show 2015…

…And now without further adieu…here are the QUILTS displayed at this year’s West Shore Guild Quilt Show…(better pour yourself a coffee as there are a ton of them…this may even take a couple of days…!)

IMG_4442 - CopyIMG_4443 - CopyIMG_4444 - CopyIMG_4445 - CopyIMG_4446 - CopyIMG_4447 - CopyIMG_4449 - CopyIMG_4450 - CopyIMG_4451 - CopyIMG_4452 - CopyIMG_4453 - CopyIMG_4454 - CopyIMG_4455 - CopyIMG_4456 - CopyIMG_4457 - CopyIMG_4458IMG_4459IMG_4460IMG_4464




Yup, just what a thought…too many quilts for one posting…and I certainly don’t want to blow up Blogland! 

Same time tomorrow for the West Shore Quilters’ Show finale…Hope to see you then…

Have a terrific Tuesday and happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thanks for sharing! It is always a treat to see what other are working on.

  2. Thanks for all the great photos you always post! I love being able to virtually visit all those quilts! Have a happy Tuesday! XO

  3. That first one is the one. Batiks are not my thing, but that quilt really stood out. Loved the orange one as well. Lots of inspiration there.

  4. Inspirational quilts. Fun to see the purses too. The Cathedral Window quilt reminds me how long I've had that design on my wish list. Maybe this will be the year.


  5. Wow, it looks amazing so far! It's like a game of "Name that Quilt!", because I recognize many of the patterns, and have one or two as well. It's nice to see them made up!

  6. Very, Very nice quilts. Bet you really enjoyed yourself! Thanks for sharing like we were there. Have a great Tuesday

  7. Wow! So many great quilts! I sure like that Log Cabin/Star one. Thank you for sharing your photos!

  8. Nice pictures. I like the scrappy quilts the best.

  9. Nice photos of the quilts. I like that you zoomed in on the Cathedral Windows for us, too. I see a couple of Bonnie Hun ter designs in there. Gets me by until the Quilt Show I get to go to in May.Thanks!