Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Visit With P2…

Remember P2…aka..Paulette #2? She has been a regular guest on my blog… showing up HERE  HERE HERE  and HERE!  Well guess what?  She is baaaaaacccckkkkk!  And man, does she have a show for us today!  This is one prolific quilter…cranking out one beautiful quilt after another…


Don’t you want to crawl into this picture and savour each and every one of these gorgeous quilts!  See the designs up close, touch them and look, really LOOK at the fabrics up close and personal? …Yeah, me too!


Just lovely!


And don’t you LOVE her ladder/basket vignette!  Oh, I would love to poke around in there!  I love red quilts…and to have a whole ladder and basket FULL!  WOW!!


And of course P2 has some works in progress…yes, another red lovely quilt in the works…and a Buttermilk Basin Basket Quilt!


The other day P2 sorted through all of her bits and piece…she started here…


And added a few more scraps to her pile!


P2 has a TON of them…after sorting, she ironed and organized…


Because look at what she has started!!  She has caught the Wee House BUG! 


Oh, man, she is going to create something wonderful…I just know it!  Stay tuned…I guarantee that P2 will be BACK with a whole city of sweet houses!

Thanks for sharing once again, P2!  It’s ALWAYS a pleasure but I think, this time, you outdid yourself!

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. great quilt show!! there was a time when I did miniature quilts you inspire me to do some more.

  2. What a beautiful collection, thank you P1 & P2! It is fun to see the same fabrics carry from one quilt to the next. And, I really love that mini churn dash rolled up in the basket - ideas, ideas!

  3. How fun to see these! She really does some amazing work.:)

  4. These are spectacular! Love seeing all the miniature quilts. Someday I will be able to spend more time creating!

  5. P1 and P2, you are both are a source incredible inspiration!

  6. Just beautiful !!! Thanks for sharing such lovely quilts !

  7. They are gorgeous -- and so perfectly flat! Beautiful work, P2…aka..Paulette #2

  8. She really has a lot of beautiful quilts, I think I need her to get me motivated, lol. I did start my rag quilt today but also realized that I will need a lot of blocks for a queen size.


  9. I'm drooling! I really love the ladder display of red quilts!

  10. They are all wonderful! I particularly like the one with the yo-yos on the border. How clever!