Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Trunk Show…

There’s nothing that I like better than a Trunk Show…it’s like a one quilter mini Quilt Show!  So how lucky was I to get back from holidays just in the nick of time to see Karen’s Trunk Show.  Karen is a new Heritage Quilt Guild member…but she has been quilting forever.  Karen is also a member of the Victoria Quilters’ Guild and is BC Coastal Region Rep for the Canadian Quilters' Association!  A nice addition to our guild for sure! 

So sit back and enjoy Karen’s show…


This is a work in progress…a wedding gift!


Even the back is pretty!


This is a Cathedral Window Quilt that her husband bought on one of their travels!  Massive and VERY beautiful!


A better look at the blocks…


And this is an antique quilt that Karen found in her travels!  I LOVED this quilt…


And a close up of the blocks…


Karen showed us samples of surface design techniques such as painting, stitching, image transfers and dyeing.  IMG_4322IMG_4323IMG_4325IMG_4326IMG_4327

This is glue applied to the fabric…


During the show, Karen spoke about the importance of showing and sharing your quilts.  She also stressed the importance of having a proper label on each and EVERY quilt that you make. Who knows, in fifty years’ time your “humble” quilt might be of great interest to a collector who would like to know all about its origins. So don’t just sign it “With love from Nana” … but include your name, the year you completed the quilt and any other pertinent information you can think of.  You just never know…

Thanks, Karen, we loved the show! 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Love the indigo sea mini.

    What type of glue did she use to make those green leaves? How was it tinted?

  2. Add where the quilt was made to the label. It is amazing how far a quilt can travel.

  3. Lovely trunk show. I especially like the antique one- very unusual design. Now how about a trunk show of your own quilts, P? No beating around the bush here! LOL!!

  4. Oh my goodness, the maker of that cathedral windows quilt must have been sewing forever! And all with the same two fabrics! I'd like to make one some day, but I think it will be a little different, lol.

  5. A great trunk show! So many wonderful quilts. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love trunk shows and this one was so interesting and the works so varied. Thanks for sharing!