Sunday, April 5, 2015

Show it off Sunday!

This morning I am going to be showing off…some new tips to make your quilting a bit easier and more accurate!

My new-to-quilting friend, Sandy, shared this tip!  She read about it off another blog (she couldn’t remember the name of the blog…sorry…) but she told me about it and we mulled it over…

We found the product at JoAnn’s, in the framing department,  during our farewell visit!  Yes, it was an emotional day!

They are called Scotch Reusable Sheets and they are suppose to be used for mounting photos or posters. 

Reusable Sheet_P

We are using it to help us achieve those PERFECT 1/4” seams!  You just line it up with your 1/4” markings on your machine and stick it down!  Leave the top adhesive on and presto!  You have a raised guide that takes over where your 1/4” foot leaves off!


See how your fabric butts up to the raised tape….OK…I’m busted!  I used this block as a model…I’m not REALLY sewing hence the needle in the block on the other side!  :o))  It’s a good thing I’m not getting paid to do this!  I would go hungry!


Do you see how it’s lined up on the marks and in front of the 1/4” foot?  You don’t want it to interfere with the foot.  The good thing about this tape over any others, is that you can remove it…it leaves NO RESIDUE and you can REUSE it later.  Just stick the piece of backing plastic back onto it, set it aside and when you need a guide (ie when you are doing lots of piecing…) remove the back and reposition!  She will be good as new!  Also when you need to change your bobbin, just lift up the tape, pop in the bobbin and reposition and you are good to go!


Here’s the back of the package…so that you can read what it should be used for..


I didn’t know that I would be doing a post on this tape so I kind of brutalize the packaging…;o} 

Anyways…it’s a GOOD thing!


The other GOOD THING…NO MELT Template Plastic!  Now I may have mentioned this stuff before but it’s worth a second shout out!!!  If you do a lot of hand applique, then you are going to want to try this stuff!


Here’s how you use it…You cut out your shapes…just draw on the plastic and cut.


Place on your fabric…draw around and cut out the fabric 1/4” larger than the template…then using a paint brush and liquid starch, turn the edges over the plastic template using a HOT iron. 


Now if this was normal plastic Mylar you would have a warped and melted mess…Not so with these!  They are sturdy…don’t warp or bend or fray…they hold their shape!  These have been used exactly 32 times…and will be used many more times throughout the course of this project!


…because I have many, many more of these to make!


Again I bought these sheets at JoAnn’s…but I’m sure that quilt shops everywhere carry it!  And if they don’t they SHOULD!  It’s another GOOD THING!


Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. very great tips!!! I have a 1/4 inch ruler that doesn't work well because my front of my machine is curved. This is great! and ta da my seed project! ;-) Have a wonderful day! Hugs

  2. Can you use the Accuquilt Go to cut out shapes from this plastic?

  3. Thanks for the tips Paulette, Happy Easter

  4. The Scotch strips work great! I read about them on Bonnie Hunter's blog. Great idea about the template plastic.

  5. What I handy tip! I've been using layers of tape as a quarter inch guide, this product makes it so much easier thanks! And templar is a must have for anyone who does applique I've used it for years.