Sunday, April 26, 2015

An Antique Beauty…

After Sandi ( from Shhdesigns Blog) read my post yesterday, she thought she would way in, take the initiative and share pictures of her antique quilt…I’m sure Sandi thought I needed a wee nudge to get me to start this new quilt…SO she sent me pictures of her antique quilt to give me that final SHOVE to start this Dresden Kissing Daisy Quilt…. (for lack of a better name?) IMG_2698

And what a quilt she is!! This is an antique beauty that Sandi found in her travels…if you read Sandi’s blog (and you should!) then you know that she finds and rescues quilts all the time!  This one is breathtaking!  Absolutely magnificent!  I love the cheddar background and the scrap happy fabrics that the quilter used …and then for the icing on the cake, she tied the whole quilt together with the solid turquoise centres…


and matching WIDE turquoise binding!  PERFECT!  The quilter left the quilt in the zigzag shape and bound it with an extra wide binding…2 1/2” on each side…more like a border than a binding and then she hand quilted the whole shebang…she even quilted the binding! 


LOVE*LOVE*LOVE this quilt!!  Yup, this was the quilt that broke this quilter’s back…I immediately rushed out to Staples so that I could photocopy the Paper Piecing pattern… which I downloaded from HERE!

Thanks Sandi, I needed that…I think!! 

NOW what fabrics to use?  Definitely scrappy…but what background?  I love the cheddar but I have NOTHING in my house that is orange…nothing!  I think it’s time to trash the Stash and see what I can pull!!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. the pattern is called endless chain, I have made 4 of these all sold now, I just hand pieced, 2 were white background with scrappy prints and red centers 2 were blue solid background scraps and black centers, might make another pattern is in blockbase from EQ

  2. I will enjoy watching you make this one!

  3. When I bought the quilt I wasn't too fond of the background, but now I love it. Glad to hear it put you over the edge to start another project...have fun!

  4. What a great quilt. I know you will have a lot of fun making this one!

  5. What a great quilt - it is loaded with such interesting fabrics!