Saturday, April 18, 2015

Getting OLD has it’s Benefits…

Another year older…doesn’t seem nearly as bad when you have   wonderful, thoughtful family and friends to help you celebrate…and take the sting out of getting OLD!  They must have been feeling REALLY sorry for me this year because I got a ton of loot…lotions and potions, Quilty Note Cards, Flowers, Wool Kits, Wool Threads, Chocolate and Spices and Fabric galore and even a Fitbit to keep me in shape (I will be blogging more about this wonderful little gadget in the coming days!)… but today let me show you the handmade items…This is, after all, a QUILTING blog!

Look at what my Basting Beauty Daughter made me for my birthday…not one, not two but THREE of the sweetest BAGS ever! 


This is called ‘The Hour Bag’ as it apparently takes one hour to make…that is minus the Flying Geese paper pieced border circling this bag.  This is Erin’s first attempt at making flying geese AND at doing Paper Piecing…I think she passed with flying colours! 


Here’s the other side…just lovely!  This wILL be a great bag to keep the fabrics in for the project that I am currently working on…Oh, I am going to be sew organized!


The Sew-Together Bag is dang cute too…made in the sweetest prints…with a zipper closing which loops around each end, providing handles for easy opening and closing!


This is the other side…8o)


Inside…three ZIPPERED sections…but wait…


…check out the lovely lining inside each zippered compartment!  Yikes!  I would have been too daunted to make this bag…ALL those zippers…all that lining!


And Erin went and made TWO of them!  Check out this one…LOVE the hexies (her first attempt at making hexagons…and they are perfect!) 


Look at the riot of colour inside!


And check out the sweetest print lining each zippered pouch! 


Yup, I love them all!  Thank you sew much, Erin!  That was very thoughtful of you and way too much! 

And my friend Claire, made me these super cute wool pillows…not one, but TWO SPRING PILLOWS…dang sweet with perfect wee stitches! 


I love the CB initials and year stitched on each pillow…just in case I lose it down the road…(the mind that is, not the pillow!)  I’ll always know who made it!


I took them outside to photograph so that you could see how vivid that blue wool is!  Perfect Robin’s Egg blue!


An artsy shot!  (Is there anyone ‘out there’ saying “Get those lovely pillows off the dirt and gravel…besides ME?!:o)


And finally in their resting spot…on the coffee table with a few wooden eggs…also gifts from Claire!  Thank you, Claire!  I appreciate every stitch!


And my friend Sandy was knee deep in cement when she whipped up this one of a kind, garden STEPPING STONE, with a Desert motif on it!  It’s a wonderful reminder of our ‘down south’ antics…shhhhh…what happens on the desert, stays on the desert!  You won’t hear about it from ME…my lips are sealed…ZIP…but I do LOVE this stepping stone and have the perfect spot for it!!


Thanks you so much, Sandy! 

I love it all!  THANK YOU!  Yup, getting OLD isn’t nearly as bad as it could be!  It’s ALL good…even the aches and pains because it certainly beats the alternative!  Today you will find me in my sewing room!  ‘Recess’ will be a long hike in the woods so that I can put that new Fitbit to the test!  Doesn’t get any better than this!  Life is good…very, very good!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. We are not old, we are mature. Glad you had such a happy day. Love your gifts!! Hope your weekend is great.

  2. We are not old, we are mature. Glad you had such a happy day. Love your gifts!! Hope your weekend is great.

  3. Happy happy birthday! Lovely gifts you have a talented daughter and friends ! Enjoy !

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! All lovely gifts! Love those zipper bags!

  5. Happy Birthday! I am sure I must be late, but what a wonderful B-Day you must have had. Wow your Daughter is really taking after you. That is so special. Loved her gifts. Thanks for sharing with us. I have the UP Move by Jawbone. I wear it every day. I have for about 3 years. I just couldn't get along without it. I have 5 friends that are on my UP list and we compare each day. Really keeps us on the GO! I know you will love yours. Have a great Saturday!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Good for you. We need to enjoy each and every one.

  7. Happy Birthday P, nice to be celebrated by family and friends.

  8. Happy birthday! You have some lovely talented family members and friends. Glad you had a special celebration.

  9. Happy Birthday a bit late!
    When I saw the first picture in your post, I thought those were real eye glasses. Didn't realize that it was fabric printed with those on it.

  10. Looks like you had a very Happy Birthday Paulette! Great bags made by your daughter Erin!

    I recently made a similar Bionic Gear Bsg and am amazed at how much I can get into it and it isn't yet full! Plan on making several more, it is sew fun picking out fun fabrics and zippers for them.

    Enjoy your birthday weekend with lots of sunny weather!

  11. A Very Happy Birthday to my favorite Quilting Inspiration and "Blogger " !!

  12. Happy Birthday to us. I had a birthday this month also, but sad to say I am still older than you--lol You sure got some good loot, enjoy it.

  13. Happy Birthday to us. I had a birthday this month also, but sad to say I am still older than you--lol You sure got some good loot, enjoy it.

  14. What excellent stitchy friends you have! Those zipper bags are particularly gorgeous. I have those fabrics, but I don't think I am up to that bag! Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday Paulette! And many more!

    You're daughter is quite the quilter/sewist! She has skills!

  16. Happy Birthday! Getting older does have some benefits! Such wonderful gifts!

  17. Happy Birthday, P. Lovely gifts from lovely people. Your daughter is really taking her quilting seriously. Bet you never thought you would be getting gifts like these from her.

  18. Oooooh, nice presents and "Happy Birthday" . Looks like it was a fun one!

  19. Happy, happy birthday! What wonderful gifts! You will love the Fitbit. I especially like logging sleep. Rarely make the 10,000 step buzz, but thrilling when you do. You can Fitbit friend me if you want to.

    You got two Sew Together bags!! I've watched videos (several really good ones) and read the pattern trying to work up the nerve to attempt one, but.........not yet. Hope you had the best bday ever!

  20. Happy BIrthday!! Love all your homemade gifts...aren't they the best!!! So glad you were spoiled!!

  21. Happy birthday Paulette! I LOVE all your hand made gifts! They are the best!

  22. Happy belated birthday! Could you give us more information on the one hour bag pattern - I tried to goggle for it and got a lot of bags but not that one. Thanks

  23. Happy Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you! Love your gifts..All the pockets inside the tote / bags are fantastic. Love the colors of everything! The gifts show how very much you are loved. They are all from friends / family giving of themselves for you.

  24. Happy Birthday. Isn't it fun to have a daughter who is interested in your obsession too! Everything is beautiful. I can't believe she tackled that zippered bag. That looks daunting for sure.

  25. Happy Birthday! Beautiful gifts!