Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gizmos and Gadgets…

Last night I spent some time free motion quilting those know batting sandwiched between fabric…thought I had better start practicing…and boy do I suck!!  This is going to take a lot of practicing and it’s not going to happen over night!! 

Then I read Dawnie’s Blog, Itching for Stitching.  After reading Peg’s blog,  Dawnie went out and bought a Quilt Pounce by Nancy…here’s her picture for marking her quilting pattern~


Well bells and whistles went off- I HAVE one of those powder pounces and forgot all about it- I bought it YEARS ago…so I poked around in the cupboard and found the pounce and all kinds of things that might help me in the quilting process.  Thanks Gwen (and Peg) for the reminder!!   Blogging buddies are the best!


I was at a Quilt Show with some Quilting Friends…we watched the lady demo the Pounce and of course we were ALL sold…we all bought one on the spot!!  hmmm…I wonder if they have used theirs yet…it’s only been 4 or 5 years…? :o)


These are the plastic templates that can be used with the pounce.


I also found this paper pin it onto your quilt and quilt right on top…


Now if I could only find a Stitch Regulator hiding in my cupboard!! :o)

But alas…even with all the gizmos and gadgets…it still comes down to…practice…practice…practice..

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. It would be so much nicer to practice if the results were good and usable. I think all the new gizmos will help you get the idea in a minute!

  2. I got some pounce stuff, haven't tried it yet, but I do have some stencils, so that will be next on the list. I think I have a stitch regulator on my machine, need to figure that out too, lol.


  3. One day, when I grow up, I will have a stitch regulator... I keep dreaming. I just hope once I get it I will not be disappointed, like so many other "gotta have" things. Surely not. I also have lots of stencils, and the chaco chalk liners, and every other gadget out there, now if I could just learn to quilt like the pros!

  4. You're so right about that practice part. I like the idea of the pounce. It's so hard to remember where to go once you get started sewing. I think having the lines would help.

    I have a stitch regulator on my machine, but it has its own problems sometimes. I think the best feature is the speed control where you can set your stitching speed lower and not let your foot get faster than your hands.

  5. I also bought some pounce and stencils, at least a few years back,maybe I should get mine out of the cupboard. I think I'll watch you and join in the fun.

  6. Okay, after reading the comments I understand about the pounce...little slow here. Magnolia Bay had a great idea about the pedal speed.

    Thanks for the info and enjoy practising...

  7. Leah Day has a post about the Pounce. She said you don't actually "pounce" it, but instead you rub it across the stencil. Not sure why they called it a Pounce if you're supposed to rub it, but... Whatever!
    I trust Leah all the way! (Think you do too!)

  8. Paulette, I laughed out loud at your "boy do I suck".

    I also have the pounce. Warning..... do not attempt to put it in a ziplock and "squeeze" the air out of the ziplock against your chest as you are zipping it. You will have that "finer than chalk" powder EVERYWHERE. Ask me how I know. One little zippie bag and I looked like I just fell out of a flour sack. Poof! Took FOREVER to clean it up!

  9. Great tools - I know mine marinate in storage for a few years before I use them, lol. You're right though, nothing is immediate, you still need to practice!

  10. You're so right about that practice all looks so easy, but when it comes to doing it, it'a another thing..
    Keep practicing Paulette..
    Julia ♥

  11. I have one of those punce thingies somewhere and don't think I ever used it but I do remember seeing it demonstrated and being most impressed.

    As for Magnolia's comment about a speed control to stop you foot going faster that your hands, can I get one to stop my mouth going faster than my brain, so I can stop talking rubbish sometimes?

  12. Now this was the year that we all said that we were going to use what is in the cupboard!!!!! HOpefully a few more girls have remembered their purchases!!!!