Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cowichan Valley Heritage Quilter’s Summer Pot Luck…

I sure joined the Cowichan Valley Heritage Quilters Guild at the right time!!  This week was their annual Summer Pot Luck Lunch…and man, what a spread!  Everyone brought something and we had enough food to feed a small army..and such lovely dishes!!  AND what a great way to meet new quilting friends…everyone was very friendly and nice and welcoming!! I think it’s the quilter’s way!!

Our hostess, Gloria, is a fabulous fiber artist and has a Studio to die for!!  I will take you on a tour of that and her work tomorrow…I just don’t want to overwhelm you by showing you too much at once!  Besides it’s kind of nice to squeeze two postings out of one event!! ;o)

The entertainment was a surprise guest speaker… P1090576

…a Fibre Artist from Salt Spring Island.  In fact she owns the shop that I visited back in June!  You can read about it here!

She set up shop at one end of Gloria’s sundeck…kind of a mini ‘show and tell’ - only it was for sale!!

P1090577   Lovely stuff.  So the owner, I think her name is Karen…P1090580

Karen, in the bright pink/red showed us some of her work…this is not a painting…it’s all done with threads and a piece of silk that she dyed. 


This was one of my favourites! Just lovely….


Looks like a photo, doesn’t it? Just the water alone was hours of work!!P1090583

Karen explained all the different techniques that went into making this wall hanging…


Gorgeous works of art!! P1090586 P1090587  I found this fascinating…Karen melted different plastics and netting to achieve this splashing water…she experimented with anything she could get her hands on and finally found material that gave her the effects she wanted…


It really does look like splashing water!!


Here she is explaining her wall hanging where she took photos of old barns and played around with the different mediums…spectacular!!

 P1090591 P1090592 P1090593 P1090594

Karen also made these boards to show and help her customers find the different techniques that they may want to try in their own creations…whether it be using foils…


..or netting and plastics…


..or using yarns and nylon scarves…

P1090597 So much to take in and all SEW interesting!!

Now this is something I could make!!  You take your yarns/ strings and lay them out on Water dissolving stabilizer…put another layer of stabilizer on top and then sew  (see the example) catching all the yarns sandwiched in between. 


Then wash the whole thing…the stabilizer disappears and you are left with a gorgeous scarf or belt!!  How easy is that!!


Karen left a fringe at the end…isn’t this cute!!


Here’s a closer look of the sandwiched yarns and how you topstitch before you wash away the stabilizer.  Pretty cool…and easy!!

P1090602   Also in her little ‘shop’ were boxes of gorgeous silks…

P1090605 make this gorgeous silk quilt!!  This picture does not do this quilt justice!!  It is lovely!P1090606

Another gorgeous quilt that was on display..


Karen did her presentation in the 35C +blazing sun!!  We were all sitting around in the shade…watching…and feeling bad for her…but all her stuff was on the hot side of the deck!!  She was a real trouper though…the show MUST go on…and all that!!  And after the presentation her shop was open for business! 

If you would like to visit Sharon’s website then please go here.

I wish I had taken a picture of the food table…it was incredible!!  

This year’s theme for the Heritage Quilters Guild was Year of the Tiger~  Some of the members took it to heart and made these gorgeous creations!

Tiger Lilies~



Tiger Stripes~


A tiger apron~


And of course some real tigers!!  I wish you could see the workmanship in these quilts…stunning!!

P1090614 P1090613

I had a GRRRRRRRRRReat time…(I’m sorry..I HAD to do it!!)  and I hope you did too!!

Before I go…look what I am joining~


I NEVER want to stitch in the ditch again!!  If you feel the same way…why don’t you hit the button…and join up too…it’s that easy!!  The free motion stitching is the hard part!! :o)  Christina from a Few Scraps is going to be teaching Free Motion Quilting for FREE!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. Beautiful - simply stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  2. She does some beautiful pieces, love art quilts.
    I just ordered some books from the library system on landscape quilts and art pieces. Back to cleaning the rest of my sewing room, if i want to get quilting.


  3. I am speechless - her quilts are just too amazing! Lucky you getting to see them in person!
    That quilt-along is going to be fun, I joined too!

  4. Was the lady's name Gloria Daley you were speaking of?

  5. The speaker's quilts were amazing, and the talent in your new group is awesome. I'll be following your adventures in FM quilting with interest.

  6. Oh my those samples are simply gorgeous! Wow. I love the old Barns, they are terrific. You are so fortunate to have a quilters group nearby. Thank you for sharing the photos with us.

  7. Wow! What an artist!! I'd say you joined at the right time too!

  8. What a fun time you had. Such talented people.

    I'm happy to hear you'll also be joining the FMQ activities. I'm looking forward to it.


  9. Thanks for sharing all of those lovelies. How interesting some of those techniques were!

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