Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some Fowl Sharing!

As you know, Quilt Sue and I struck up a barter…she would machine quilt my Sticks and Stones Quilt and I would make her a wool penny rug.  Things like this happen all the time in Blogland!!  Got to love it!!

When I asked Quilt Sue (Quilt Times) what she wanted on her mat, she said that she loved hens and roosters… well Quilt Sue received her penny rug yesterday so it’s time for the big reveal!

Sue wanted hens…well hens is what Sue got…complete with eggs!


P1090421 P1090404  The pattern is called “Sunflowers and Chickens” by All Through the Night and I really loved making it!!P1090406 P1090407  I especially liked the egg shaped pennies that circle the little mat.P1090409 P1090410

When we went to China Beach on the West Coast of the Island I found these little speckled egg shaped rocks down on the beach…so of course I brought some home…


I think they look so sweet sitting amongst the hens…

P1090415  P1090419  Nothing like a little hen party…and what a nice thought to know that this little hen party is now over in England at Quilt Sue’s house…Enjoy, Quilt Sue!!  Can’t wait to see the quilting on my Sticks and Stones!!  Now hurry over to Sue’s for her reveal~BUT before you do that there is more fowl news…..

~ Yup the Flying Geese!!

Remember these…


And this ruler by Quilt in A Day~  LOVE it!!  Well I received a comment from Carin and she said this ruler comes in 4 sizes to make a total of 8 different size Flying Geese!!  Yahooo!!

I was going to give you this lovely little demo but I can’t even put the ruler right side up…but you get the idea!!  Lay it on top and line it up to the geese and trim!! 


Connecting Threads has a video to help you see how to use it…why re-invent the wheel specially when the tire is on backwards! :o)…so enjoy!!


Carin also informed me that you can order all these rulers..and more..from Eleanor Burn’s online shop, Quilt in A Day!! Check it out!!

Now you can go visit Quilt Sue!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting and say HI to Quilt Sue for me!!~P

PS~ Did you notice that I NOW know how to change the colour of the letters?  I am sew high tech…;o) 


  1. I love that rug and the pebbles.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Great rug! The chickesn are beautiful and I love the egg pennies, especially the ones with the yolks!! Great rocks too! :0)

  3. Love that penny, you did a beautiful job on the stitchery and choice of wools.


  4. OMG, what a wonderful penny rug. Paulette, you just amaze me.

    I love it. Your friend should be doing the happy dance!

    I got some wool jackets, hubby bought them on a trip. I posted a pix on my poor little neglected blog guesswhosknitting.typepad.com

    check them out. now to deconstruct and felt.

  5. I love it. I loved the whole parcel, the rug, the eggs the chickens laid just for me, the chocolate, the lovely scissor fob and the quilt that Paulette made and I'm going to quilt for her. I hope I can make her do as much of a happy dance when she gets it back, as I did when I saw my rug. Blogland is wonderful!

  6. OMG the rug is just great! Now I must go look for the pattern and start one for myself.

    Wonderful post today :)

  7. That rug is adorable - I love it, Paulette.

  8. I adore the chicken penny rug! I'm sure she loves it even more because she owns it now!!

  9. What a great penny rug (egg rug?) You've taken to this wool thing like a duck to water. Great job!

  10. I saw the penny rug on Sue's blog yesterday, and it is beautiful. The chickens and sunflower are so pretty. You did a great job.

  11. That little mat is fabulous Paulette and you are both winners from this exchange. I love the little yolks scattered around the edge.

  12. That penny rug is FABULOUS! You did a beautiful job on it. Love the rocks you found too - they go well!

    You are such a colorful character *snort*

  13. Great job, Paulette. I made the same rug for my friend Julie in Australia for Christmas except mine was done in wool-on-cotton. She's chook mad too!

    What a computer techie you're becoming! You'll have to give us lessons pretty soon!

  14. Awww....you make me miss my chickens and fresh eggs! That wool penny piece is adorable.

  15. Hi Paulette
    Your Blog sure is interesting
    glad you had such a nice day on Monday. thanks for sharing pictures as I could not come.
    Hugs Kathleen

  16. Sunflowers and Chickens is an adorable penny mat Paulette! I really enjoy seeing your wonderful wool work.