Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet Fiber Artist Extraordinaire~

Gloria Daly!! 


Gloria is a local Cowichan quilter… who just happens to be an extremely talented and creative Fiber Artist!  She teaches and demonstrates different textile techniques in classes and workshops all over the countryside. She also sells her works to private and public patrons. Gloria is an active member of the Cowichan Valley Heritage Quilting Guild and hosted our Pot Luck Luncheon on Monday. 

I was lucky enough to get a tour of her studio and of course I had my camera with me!! ;o)  So let me show you around Gloria’s studio and show off some of her creations…all of which are for sale!!

Isn’t this studio amazing...would you believe Gloria is expanding and is in the process of having a new studio built on the back of her property. 


Gloria has about 5 or 6 work stations in her studio and all are well lit and well organized…with lots happening in each area…TONS of eye candy!!

This is her dyeing/painting station!!  (Boy, could I have fun dyeing my wool in here!!)

P1090558Gloria is very organized with everything within reach.


I saw at least two sewing machines…maybe three…?

P1090563This is Gloria’s right hand cat!  How cute!!  See even the cat has a place!


Now let me show you some of Gloria’s master pieces…. I am NOT even going to try to explain how she did them…I was so in awe…


P1090565  P1090567 P1090570

P1090520 P1090521 P1090522 P1090523 P1090524 P1090525 

Painting/printing on fabric…  P1090528 P1090529 Special printers…like rolling pins… someone said her husband made them for her!P1090533  P1090535  A wool wall hanging that she is currently working on…P1090537

Gloria also makes tassels! (I noticed that she sells them on her website.)P1090546

P1090539 P1090540 P1090541 P1090542

Look at all the French knots in these…YIKES!!

P1090543 P1090545  P1090547 P1090548    Thanks so much Gloria for letting me show off your lovely creations and your studio!!   What an inspiration you are!!


If you want to know more about Gloria then go to her website!!  You won’t regret it!!  Just reading off the awards that she has won made my head spin!!  Also check out the workshops she gives…they all sound wonderful!!  I’m sure Gloria would be happy to travel to your neck of the woods…

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. She does beautiful work and has a wonderful place to create. I would love a dye station too. I just washed 5 loads of wool and a lot needs to be dyed.


  2. Wow, that is one talented lady...thanks for sharing her place of creation!!

  3. I've looked at her beautiful art work...... :-) x x x
    Female I take it ?

  4. Wow! A wonderful studio and lots of light! And, I love her little helper.

  5. Dang - I'd like to be a fly on the wall of HER studio - amazing!

  6. What great pics and how lovely you got to visit her.. Her work is unreal..