Saturday, July 31, 2010


…in August?  Yup, you heard me!  Quilt Sue (Quilt Time) had the brilliant idea to set aside the second Saturday of each month and have a Christmas Quilt-A-Long where on that day we only work on Christmas projects.  By the time Christmas rolls around we will be WAY ahead of the game (for once!).  Sign me up…but I might have to do my stitching on the following day…Saturday is, after all, my Garage Saling day…;o) 

So pop over to Quilt Sue’s blog and sign-up…and don’t forget to wish her a Merry Christmas!!  She will be posting a Christmas Quilt-a-Long Button to help us get into the Christmas spirit!! 

So do you think I have any Christmas projects to do? 

For starters how about…FINISHING off Magical Christmas by Lynette Anderson…all the little reindeer in the centre of the stars have been stitched…and the fabric has all been bought and is waiting….


Then there is this little number~ shouldn’t take too long to whip up 4 or 5 of these gems:


I LOVE this Christmas quilt…I’ve wanted to make this quilt ever since I bought this book~


LOVE this book-Primitive Christmas!!  Ohhh, wait that reminds me…see the quilt on the top…


YES THIS ONE!!  I saw this one at a Quilt Show- stunning!!  He has been on my list for way TOO long…


And we aren’t even into the Christmas WOOL projects!!

Like this ornament penny rug~   P1090267 

Or Cheri’s Grandma’s House…SEW adorable!!


YIKES!!  I can’t forget this GORGEOUS quilt that is going to take me at least 50 years to make…but SEW worth the effort!!


Look it’s such a huge project that it came in four packages!! It’s called the Merry Christmas Quilt by Heart to Hand…sigh…P1090271

Then there is this sweet little stitchery by Natalie Lymer….


I’m not even going to SHOW you this quilt…but isn’t it beautiful…maybe next year? (It’s in the Cold Wind Blows by Blackbird Designs).


SEW many projects…SEW little time…

SEW let’s put the pedal to the metal…and get cracking…thanks Quilt Sue for the Christmas reminder!!  SHHEEESH!!! I think I’m going to need more than ONE day a month!! ;o)

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What is that... 9 projects by Christmas? Are you serious? You are "sew" amazing or you have to much lint in your bobbin! ;D

  2. Wow, what a selection! If you're making extra, I'll take one of number 2 and number 11. Love them both.

    Heading over to Sue's blog now. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I would be luck if I got one of those done, lol.


  4. You're so ambitious, but you're so good at getting things done too - I bet you accomplish a LOT of that!

  5. Hope you had a better garage saleing day than I did - I'm in Esquimalt at Erin's and they were crappy. Got a couple bargains at the WIN store on Cook Street though.

    See you Monday,

  6. Such wonderful patterns-thanks for sharing! I need to check out the primitive christmas book-thanks

  7. Hmm, perhaps I should have started this earlier. I'll look forward to seeing which projects you choose to work on, but I wouldn't be surprised if you don't change your mind and do something else altogether.

    I love some of the patterns you showed, specially the Let It Snow one.

  8. You're going to need more than one Christmas to finish all those! *grin*

  9. That's such a great idea. I'm sew glad to see there are others like me out there, and have all these projects we've wanted to do..but just haven't done them yet.

  10. the pattern selection you have here... I'm looking forwards to seeing these done..hummm I started few small projects for xmas also..go girl go...happy stitching... :)

  11. Looks like you were thinking "christmas" when you bought all those patterns. Good luck on completing a few in the coming months. We'll all be watching...

  12. YOu have so many fun project that you want to does sound fun but I will be traveling quite a big in the next few months. Maybe when I get settled in Texas (in Nove...or Dec..) oh...too late??

  13. I'm not sure you have enough monthly Sunday's before Christmas to get all of that done!!! I'd recommend a weekly dose of Christmas for you;)
    What a great idea!!