Saturday, August 28, 2010

Like a Broken Record…

Last night, while watching Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze “I had…the time of my life…and I owe it alllll to yoooouuu…Lady GO!GO!”

Yup! I played with my GO! while watching Patrick putting the moves on Jennifer Grey..while on the dance floor!  Love that movie!!  I could tell you lots of stories about my eldest daughter and Patrick Swayze…as she idolized him when she was young!!  But no time for that now…we’ve got the GO! out!

SEW… let me show you what I worked on.  When you win a GO! you get to pick 3 FREE dies and the choices are mind blowing.  This was one of my picks~ and I’m so glad I did…it comes with this pattern by Alex Anderson…A quick and easy way to make this scrappy 4 patch star, plus flying geese, square in a square and hourglass blocks. P1090749 The first thing I did was make a cardboard template of the size of the cutting blades.  This way I know what size to cut my fabric so that I have no waste.  Someone said that this sounds like a lot of work…


NOT so…hardly takes any time at all with this template…just lay it on several layers of fabric and whack away…done!!  It doesn’t  have to be perfect!


NOW comes the fun part~ lay the print on the cutting die face up and the solid background fabric face down…think of them as kissing..(everyone make a kissing sound…geeze…I think I taught Grade One way too long! :o) 


Put the lid on…that’s the cutting mat… and crank it through…


Aren’t they pretty…?


and LOOK..they are all paired up, ready to be stitched…

P1090754-1I carried the cutting die board right to my machine…  


And then chain stitched the triangles.

P1090757  Press them to the dark side…P1090759

Stitch them together…and PRESTO!  Hour Glass blocks…in a couple of minutes!!


How easy was that…and all done while Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze! 


I can’t wait to try the 4 patch star!!  But first I NEED to make some more Hourglass Blocks!!  SEW easy, quick and accurate…I think I’ve said all this before…ya ya…like a broken record…just tune me out like everyone else!!

Sew while I do some fancy foot work with Lady GO! GO! why don’t you GO! HERE to enter the GO! Give Away!  OH, you’ve done that already?  Well then you get to GO! have fun! Hope to see you tomorrow!!

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. I'll bet Patrick was there like a 'ghost' 'dirty dancing' with you while you cranked out pieces parts for your hourglass blocks. You're having way too much fun. LOL

  2. You seem to enjoy your cutter so much!

  3. Looks like your having a great time with Lady Go!

  4. you are making me want one of these cutter soooo bbaaadd!!

  5. Wow these little Go cutters are everywhere. What an awesome little tool for quilting!

  6. Ok, Now you're just taunting us. How many days until we find out if we are the Lucky ones to share in all the FUN...???

  7. Looks pretty easy to me...glad you are having such fun....

  8. You are having TOO MUCH FUN. Wow - carrying the cutting mat right to the machine - looks great!

  9. Dirty Dancing is my favourite film, followed very closely by Ghost - mmm, I can see a pattern forming there. I love the tutorials you show with your blogs - thank you for sharing them x

  10. Beautiful and look at those perfect points!

  11. Golly gee, now I want this die, too :) Thanks for the temptation:)

  12. Wow your really GO!ing to town with your GO!
    Love it!!

  13. I do like the hourglass blocks, great for scraps too.


  14. Good grief, there's just no stopping you now is there?

  15. Ooh la la, Patrick could put his slippers by my bed anytime...LOL

    I loved this guy. I recently read his book he wrote just before passing away.

    So now he enters the world of quilting....sounds good to me.bacra

  16. I love Dirty Dancing!

    Your half square triangles are PERFECT!

  17. "Nobody puts the GO!, errr I mean, Baby in the corner." Sorry, I couldn't resist. I have the old DVD of Dirty Dancing and play it quite a bit while doing sewing projects. If I'm almost finished by the time they start practicing in the lake, then I'm in good shape! Shhhhh! it's just our secret :)
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  18. Aww...Patrick Swayze! I loved him. I have a good story for you. About 15 years ago, his brother married the girl who used to live next door to us. The wedding was in their backyard, and we didn't even know about it till that week! My neighbor down the street came over, and we watched the wedding from my upstairs window..ha! Afterwards, they all left for a reception somewhere else, but while we stood in my front yard, Patrick and his wife Lisa walked out of the house next door, crossed my cul de sac, and walked to their car down the street. He turned to us on my lawn, smiled and waved. SIGH! I'll never forget it..right there in my little cul de sac, in my own front yard. Whenever I look out there..I can see him. Beautiful memory. :)

  19. Did you see that Jennifer Grey is going to be on this season of Dancing with the Stars? It just got announced tonight. Can't believe she is 50! I'm hoping she'll do great! Love Dirty Dancing!

  20. I really admire Jennifer Grey's tribute to Patrick Swayze. She's doing Dancing with the Stars for him, class.