Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mad Men Quilting…

When my daughter, Maggie was over for the weekend she mentioned that she was hooked on the TV show, Mad Men.  She also said that she thought that it was a show that I would enjoy…so look at what I’m now watching while I work on Button Town, USA.P1090470

Yup, I rented Season ONE.  The show (which is a Drama) is set in the 1960 and it is hilarious!!  Having grown up in the 1960s I keep saying “OMG that really did happened!” or “Yes, we did that!!”  They will slip in little things that were happening at that time…like…Right Guard Deodorant coming out with the first SPRAY deodorant- everyone had a can and couldn’t get over the idea of spraying! Kids playing Alien with plastic dry cleaner bags OVER their heads…the mom telling them to take the bags into their bedroom to play- YIKES! (and YES my brother and I use to do the same thing!!), the electric typewriter-such complicated technology!! AND of course the cigarette smoking-everywhere-including church!  And the clothes…did we REALLY wear those clothes?? 

Yes, I’m getting hooked on Mad Men!

Speaking of Mad Men…yesterday my Mad Man and I went on our day trip…it was my turn to pick the place…so I chose Robert’s Beach. It’s about 35 minutes from where we live- a place called Cedar.  I use to take my class here for field trips.

The beach is composed of sandstone- perfect for tidal pools and finding sea life.


Lots of holes that the waves have made…

P1090428  There is my Mad Man taking a picture of me taking a picture of him!


The tide was coming in…these Starfish are waiting in a crevice, trying to get away from the drying sun.

P1090448  Do you see anything hiding in the seaweed?

P1090451  Looks like a monster with many toes made this footprint…would be a great creative writing idea…oh well…those days are over!! ;o)P1090458  Sea lions like to lie on these rocks to sunbath…but none today!P1090468 What a perfect day to spend at the beach!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a great place to visit! I love the purple starfish! :0)

  2. Lovely photo essay, Paulette! That gulf island sandstone never gets old for me. The formations are so fun and that 'giant with lots of toes' is hilarious! I've never watched Mad Men, but our sciency family enjoyed watching DVD's of a sit-com called "Big Bang Theory" while at the cottage.

  3. I have not seen that show, will have to look it up.
    Beautiful place to go for a walk and clear the head. I love walking along the rocks and cliffs at low tide.


  4. I love how you and your Mad Man take your day trips on a regular basis...good for the marriage soul don't you think?

  5. Yep my daughter also brought this series into our house. You sit down and watch one episode and next thing you know you are looking for the next disc! I enjoyed your day trip too.

  6. What a great day! I didn't know that starfish could be purple!

  7. We are Mad men addicts here...fabulous show & scarily true! Some of it is hilarious! Love your pics...glad you had a nive day out with your "Don"! Are you a "Betty" or a "Joan"????

  8. Hi Paulette
    Enjoyed our coffee/tea break today.
    your sea side pictures are great.
    I must show you some of mine.
    take care God Bless kathleen

  9. Never heard of Mad Men, I'll have to see if our library carries it - sounds funny! Love your day at the beach - mine is coming up soon!

  10. Great pictures. I love the beach. I find true serenity there!

  11. Lovely pictures, but did you REALLY grow up in the 1060's? I can't believe you're over 900 years old.