Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This gorgeous bag was made by my quilting buddy Delores…isn’t it cute!!  Just love the loops that hold the handles…and with a flick of the wrist it becomes a long handle for over the shoulder…Got to love that!! And the large BUTTON makes the whole bag sing!


It’s a McCall’s Pattern…so that makes it VERY easy for everyone to get there hands on…I just might have to make one for myself!! 


Dawn Hay released the second Frosty Flakes BOM on her blog As Sweet as Cinnamon yesterday!  And of course it’s adorable!!  Very sweet with lots of bling!


Hurry on over and download it NOW!


THE Penny Rug, the Sticks and Stones quilt top and the backing are on their way to Quilt Sue’s (Quilt Times) in UK. If you remember, Quilt Sue and I have a barter swap…I would make her a penny rug in exchange for her quilting the Sticks and Stones Quilt. job is done…now it’s Quilt Sue’s turn!!  Can’t wait to see what she does…and I can’t wait to hear if she likes her penny…(I’ll post pictures of the her penny after she receives it!!)

This is the Sticks and Stones quilt top BEFORE Quilt Sue works her quilting magic on it…


As I was ironing the quilt top one last time, I was wishing that I could take it all apart and redo…I didn’t know that Quilt Sue was going to be inspecting quilting it…if I had known I would have spent more time making each seam perfect!!  What will she think?!!…YIKES!!  Oh well, maybe she will be SEW hypnotized by the Rouenneries fabric that she won’t notice all the sewing flaws…let’s hope…

Have a wonderful woolie Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. What a fun purse. I will have to watch my local sales and pick it up. I need to make me a new diaper pag.

  2. That is a beautiful bag, something I want to make myself. Lots of great patterns out there. I can't wait to see how she quilts it and the penny you made her.


  3. What a pretty bag, I just may have to look for that pattern. I wouldn't worry about the flaws in the quilt. Someone once told me those were bits of "love" that we sew into the tops.

  4. I love the bag and the fabric. I will have to watch for patterns sales. I like 99 cent sales.
    Every quilt has a story, flaws or no flaws. Imagine the story you will have for this one. It traveled across the big pond!, to wonderful person to quilt it. What a wonderful story it will carry with it. ***jealous***

  5. What a fun barter swap...and love the tote.

  6. I'm not, and never have been a member of the Quilt Police. I honestly think it's the flaws/errors/mistakes that make a quilt uniquely personal. If we wanted "perfect" we could all go out and buy these things. I prefer individual. I am so excited to see this top as I really love the look of it, and as for my penny rug, it'll take centre stage here as something with a "story" behind it.

  7. I do love that bag! Oh Paulette, I'm sure there aren't any mistakes on your quilt, and that's it's just fine - we're our own worst critic, right? It surely looks gorgeous in the pic!

  8. Sue is going to think it's a beautiful quilt! :)