Friday, August 13, 2010

FREE Stitcheries…

  Yesterday I stumbled onto these FREE stitcheries…..


Sweet little nursery rhymes……wouldn’t they look adorable stitched onto a baby’s quilt…if you’re interested then hurry over to Homeberries…they are just too cute to pass up!!

Our weather has been perfect…perfect beach weather that is!!


Aren’t these ladies lovely?…I took this picture at the Victoria Guild’s Quilt Show back in May!!  Too cute!!  Hope you get to kick back and enjoy the sun this weekend too! ;o)

BUT before you do that~ head on over to HERE and have a peak at some gorgeous embroidery/stitchery quilts…if you have a favourite then join in the fun and cast your VOTE!  Lots and lots of inspiration!!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. THANK YOU! I love those. I am currently working on a Life is Beautiful quilt and was thinking how much I love the embrodiary. Thanks for the link. Now I will have projects for very long time.

  2. Yes, they would look adorable on a quilt...

    Love the old funny!

  3. I have seen her freebies, she has a lot of nice prim ones too. Great for gift giving too.


  4. I do like those ladies of leisure.

  5. Thanks for the link to the free stitchery patterns! They're so cute! :0)

  6. Those dolls are a hoot.. So cute.. Hope things are going well with you, P

  7. Thanks so much for the link to the free stitchery patterns. They are great.

  8. oh perfect timing, am making a baby quilt for daughter's friend, baa baa black sheep is going on the quilt, think put all the rest into a cloth book!!!! thanks P for the link, they are sooooo cute!

  9. The ladies crack me up!! Always enjoy FREE link to more patterns. Thank you for sharing...such a sweetie.