Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I’m a Stripper…

…and proud of it!!  I created this quilt and I lived up to my GO! Challenge…to strip using my new GO! Fabric Cutters 2 1/2” and 1 1/2” strip die cutters.  The ONLY time I used my rotary cuter was to square up my blocks! The GO!s performance during the stripping was  cutting edge!  Seriously…I am thrilled with the GO!…fast, easy and accurate! 

Just look at the pieced border…it was a snap…Presto done!P1090718

What I REALLY like about the GO! is how portable it is…it’s light flip it open and it’s ready to roll.  When you are finished, you close it up!  The size of a small portable typewriter (if you can remember that far back..YIKES!) 

I LOVE this quilt…normally it would have taken me weeks…instead it took me 3 days!!  (and yesterday doesn’t REALLY count because I was goofing off!)  The GO! made it SEW easy…and no wonky strips…everything matched AND squaring up the finished block was a breeze because there wasn’t that much to square up ( and believe me…that’s NEVER happened before!!)


GO! ahead…check it out…sure GO! ahead get out the magnifying glass…ha ha


SEW Frosty is done…oh..oh…maybe not!!P1090721

Whew! NOW he’s done…he looks happier now that he has his fine feathered friend sitting on his nose!


Now all that’s left is the quilting…Do you think Lady GO! GO! knows how to quilt?  Didn’t think so…

I promised you pictures of some of the quilts taken at Heritage quilting on Monday…remember I just joined so I don’t know names YET!!

I should KNOW this lady’s name…she sat beside me last week and she was wearing a name tag…I can’t even venture a guess..but she was very nice..and what a sweet quilt…all hand stitched.


See aren’t the blocks pretty…some little girl is going to LOVE this quilt!!


This quilt will be a family heirloom for sure…just gorgeous!!


Thought you’d like a close up…P1090708   Some baby rag quilts…I think these might be charity quilts…I really need to listen better…   

P1090396A lovely Halloween four patch….  


A race car quilt for a grandson…he is going to be thrilled!!


A fussy cut dragon is in the centre square of each log cabin. Very cute!


I love the pin wheels and flying geese in this pretty quilt!  Very summery, don’t you think?


Sew Ends the Show…some VERY talented ladies!


Make sure to enter the GO! Give Away if you haven’t already done so!  Go HERE to enter!!

I’m off to get down and dirty!!…I am  to making cement leaves with a group of friends…must remember to take the camera! ;o)

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. I LOVE your finished flimsy - I can't stop looking at it. Applause, applause on your quick finish.

    Lots of talent in that quilt group.

  2. Your snowman quilt is perfect! I just love him! Everytime I see it, I smile! (I'm a stripper, too, but it ain't pretty)...LOL!

  3. Love the quilt you made and I agree, having a cutter makes it so much easier and faster with piecing like that. Enjoyed the quilt show too.


  4. Yeah! all finished in three days except for the quilting what more could you ask for, and all matched up too. Wonderfull, let us know how your leaves turn out.

  5. You crack me up! Your quilt is awesome. I hope Santa brings me a Go!

  6. I magnified and you ARE PERFECT Paulette!! Really love the snowman quilt - and I know I said that yesterday too.

  7. Yes, indeed, perfect! I love it! The snowman is too cute!

    The other quilts are gorgeous too.

    Cement leaves? Definitely bring your camera and share that fun activity!


  8. I love the blocks! I love the snowman, I REALLY love the border (now I know what to plan for all those scraps if I win this GO!)
    I LOVE this quilt! So simple in design- just perfect! Sandy

  9. Your snowman quilt is amusing and beautiful. I love seeing his face among the blocks. And the quilts made by the other ladies are awesome.

  10. The quilt turned out WONDERFUL!! I love it! Where did you get so many plaids! I don't think any other fabric would have made this quilt as spectacular as it is. Kudos to you!!

  11. Love your quilt it really nice.
    Also love the other quilts thank you so much for sharing
    Hugs Janice

  12. Paulette,
    I love it. Marvelous and to think you did it in 3 days. I have hope!

    Also you have me intrigued with the leaf cement things. Can't wait to see

  13. Your snowman quilt is just adorable! I didn't get out the magnifiying glass though. Being a new quilter, I threw all of mine away. The GO!, appears to be a wonderful tool. Maybe I will win one somewhere!
    Our garden club did the leaves a couple years ago. So much fun and just a wonderful addition to a garden. I did a huge hosta leaf. Have fun making your leaves.
    Thanks for sharing all the quilts with us. They are so nice. I think I need to move to your "quilty" area. Want to rent out a room? (then I could use your GO!)

  14. Paulette, you rock! 3 days is awesome! I just want you to know if you find you just have to many quilts (hahaha) this adorable snowman would be perfect in my front room with my snowman Christmas tree ;O)
    HUGS! Carin

  15. WOW! Only 3 days, that is amazing. Your quilt turned out so wonderful. Can't wait to see it all quilted and bound.

  16. Oh it turned out so pretty and so fast. Love that last snapshot - it's so summery!

  17. Frosty is fantastic! I look forward to seeing what you and your friends make today.

  18. Your Frosty quilt is gorgeous - he looks very happy with his little friend! Thanks for the quilt show, love them all!

  19. The Go is awfully fun and you make it look even more fun.

    Thanks for the fun pictures...motivating.

  20. the quilts you showed are all great...can't pick my favorite

  21. Your quilt is gorgeous - GREAT job!!! I really like the colors of it! And all in 3 days (or less:) Can't beat that! You'll be whipping them out left and right!!:) Have a great day!

  22. Love your quilt. Very cute with the Snowman block. The dress quilt is lovely too ... love the colours.

  23. Love your quilt Frosty just makes it so glad he has company.

  24. Oh, the quilt turned out so nice! Frosty's companion was an excellent addition!! How cute!!

  25. Love, Love, Love your Frosty quilt...don't you just love your "GO"...very awesome and what a time saver. Gotta also say that I love the little girl dress quilt, "Dressed to the Nines". Just had to give it a plug....since I'm the designer of it. What an honor to have it shown by a quilter with a happy face. Hope some sweet little gets it. Happy Quiting!!

  26. That is adorable!! I love snowmen!!

  27. I absolutely love this quilt - so creative!!! Great work! I sure hope I win one of these cutters.....

  28. What a cute top! The snowman and little bird just set it off perfectly. Good job! Winona

  29. Your Snowman Go!ing out to play top is wonderful. I love it, and the time it took.

    Your new quilt group has some very talented ladies, but the neutral Winding Ways quilt was my favourite I think.

  30. Beautiful flimsy quilt. My daughter always laugh at my quilt book's...yes we are fabric "strippers".

  31. Great job done with the Snowman quilt! It looks so snuggly...!