Sunday, June 6, 2010

We’re Off to Salt Spring Island…

Don’t just sit there…grab your sweater and come along…I thought I’d take you with us on our day trip to spectacular Salt Spring Island!  What a day…note the blue skies, beautiful scenery and the BIG smiles!!  Here we are on the ferry going to Salt Spring Island for a little shopping, sightseeing and lunch!P1080138 Here’s the little ferry that took us over…it’s much smaller than the jumbo ferries that travel from Vancouver to Victoria or Nanaimo.  This one takes about 20-30 minutes to get to Salt Spring Island and holds about 50 cars (I’m guessing here…?)P1080142

What a glorious day…we haven’t seen the sun in weeks…so this felt wonderful!  We were the first ones to drive on the ferry…which meant…


… we were the first ones off…YIKES!!!  Let’s hope they put the ramp down properly…


..and lock it down!!


Whew..we made it and look at the view as we moved up the ramp!  Gorgeous!


Every Saturday there is an Artisan Market in downtown Ganges, the main town on Salt Spring..and boy was the town hopping.P1080169

Lots of neat things for sale..and even if you don’t buy there are lots of things to see, enjoy and sample.

P1080170 P1080171

There goes the diet!!  Look at all these goodies!

P1080172 Lots of vendors selling plants…


And of course there is fresh baked breads, jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys and pickles.


And of course there is always a Thrift shop or two!


Lots of cute cafes and restaurants over looking the bay.P1080189   P1080192

Lunch at the Oyster Cove Restaurant…just look at that view!!  Ahhh life is good!



After lunch we had time to hit the cute little shops before boarding the little ferry for home!

One of the shops, ‘Stitches’ has become a‘Fibre Arts Shop’.  It use to be a Quilting shop but I guess the demand was more for fibre arts and knitting supplies than for quilting.  Years ago it was the other way around, the shop was mainly a quilting shop with a small fibre arts sections…oh well they still have some lovely things and it’s always fun to see ‘what’s out there’ in the way of other hobbies or ways to take your quilting in another direction…


There was a huge section of wool felting…imagine felting this jacket and scarf! 


A wool felted purse…a work of art!


Figurines made from muslin and then painted with something to harden them.


‘Requiem for Cedar’ was made by Susan Paynter.  Stunning- Just look at the detail of the cedar branch! 


Incredible detail!!P1080184 P1080185

I love this wool felted pillow…what is it about pears…and apples…and lemons…and cherries…and strawberries…and grapes…OK OK all fruilt……that I love so much!P1080186

You have to see a close up!


Well that’s it for our trip…we all arrived home in one piece with all of our loot.  What did I buy?  I bought absolutely nothing…lots of lovely things called my name…especially the bread, muffins, cookies, jams and jellies…but then you know what would happen next…Yup, I’d eat it!!  From my lips to my hips!!

I hope you enjoyed your little romp through a small corner of Salt Spring Island…you saw just a snippet of it!  If you ever come to Vancouver Island you must go over and see it for yourself and plan to stay more than just a few hours.  It really is a slice of paradise!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!


  1. What a fun day, reminds me of maine.
    I love ferry rides, haven't been on one in ages.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with good friends. Thanks for sharing a piece of your world.

  3. Oh my. What a glorious place! SUch talented folks live there! You needed sweaters?!!! Goodness me, all that FREE a/c, as I sit here w/3 running and a 50% surcharge! I couldn't believe that cedar tree! The breads and goodies look so good! I'd be holding you gals up if I were along, having to STOP at every booth! Thank you for taking me along with you... Especially since we have no car ferries to my island!

  4. Stitches is going to be a vendor at our show next weekend, I can't wait to see what they bring! What a lovely day you had. It's been years since I was at the Ganges market...must get back there.

  5. What a wonderful outing. You never know what you might find in a thrift store!

  6. Wonderful pictures/....enjoyed them.

  7. Glad you all had such great weather and a "picture perfect" day on my favorite island!

  8. What wonderful day you must have had.. That market looked spectacular.. I love it!!!!!!!!!!
    The pillows were nice and that cedar was awesome..

  9. I've only been to Salt Spring once, thanks for taking us along, I enjoyed all the pictures.

  10. Thank you for the tour. I have never been to the Northwest area of US/Canada...hope to go someday.

  11. The scenery there looks fantastic, and the market - woww, the foods and the plants all made me want to be there.