Friday, October 16, 2015

Thank you, STACY!

I just HAD to give a shout out to Stacy from Buttermilk Basin...LOOK at what Mr. Postman dropped off at my house yesterday...


It's 'Vintage Tree Farm Quilt' of my all time Buttermilk Basin favourites!  I know, I know...Buttermilk Basin has SEW MANY great patterns...but this gets to my heart strings... a quilt that evokes memories of Christmas' Past!  Vintage memories for sure! :o))  I can remember trudging through the forest with my brother, looking for the PERFECT Christmas tree...cutting two extra for the neighbours...and then throwing them into the back of the truck!  Sweet, sweet memories!

It didn't take me long to pull fabrics from my stash....

 Now that I have a lovely stash of Winter neutrals...or 'low volume' as the modern quilters call them... this quilt will come together in nothing flat!   I am loving those 'snow' prints!

I am definitely going to have to break out the Christmas Music while making this quilt!

 Thank YOU so much, Stacy for gifting me this pattern!  It was SEW thoughtful of you and I hope to do it justice!

We have only FOUR MORE DAYS of VOTING before the polls close...and NO, I am NOT talking about the Canadian Elections.... This is about the Martha Stewart's  American Made Contest!  Buttermilk Basin is SEW darn close to WINNING... with a little help from us!  I hope everyone takes the time to vote SIX times a doesn't take long......We can help to push Buttermilk Basin through the roof to victory!  Oh..YES WE CAN!  Go HERE and do your civic duty...

And after you do that, hustle over to Buttermilk Basin's Blog...for some Halloween Fun and Goodies...this morning there is the cutest FREE Halloween Pattern and yummy recipe!  Stacy has outdone herself...I tell ya', she is the perfect hostess!  No Tricks for her this year...only TREATS!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P



  1. We are such lucky girls! I'm watching for my Buttermilk Basin Snowman pattern that I am being gifted via Anna's blog, Wooley Mammoth! In the process of showing my husband my win the other night I also showed him the pattern you have and the mat pattern that goes with it. We were both drooling! I am soooo in-love those little old red pick-um-up trucks! I'd love to be there sewing this one along with you! The ;prints you pulled from the stash are perfect!

  2. Lucky you. That is a great pattern. I vote every day. Small effort to try and give back to some that give so much.

  3. Lovely selection of creamy backgrounds Paulette. Have fin with those trees. Several years ago I did a Debbie Mumm tree pattern and had one directional pattern...yup sewed the angles the wrong way and had to recut and sew...just a warning if you have one.

  4. That is a great pattern for you and i know you will make it into a beautiful quilt with your fabric and wool choices.


  5. It is WAY too early for Christmas music, Paulette! But, I do like that pattern, with the cute truck and all. Plenty to do!

  6. Super cute pattern and better yet, your fabric collection had all the right pieces to use. "Dashing through the snow......" Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum......

  7. You lucky duck! That is on my wish list. It's the most precious thing. Can't wait to see it done.

  8. Precious pattern and I love that your add more color to it. Thanks for sharing. Becki

  9. Precious pattern and I love that your add more color to it. Thanks for sharing. Becki

  10. Lucky you! Stacy is such a wonderful person and she has the cutest patterns. I don't remember seeing this one but am going to have to go look for it now.Love the fabrics you pulled and can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  11. I love that pattern too. Voting daily for her, she is so sweet. Love your picks for pattern..