Friday, October 9, 2015

Going to the Bright Side?

Check out what 'pbee'... aka...Paulette2....(P2) has been working on!  Farm Girl Vintage...and it is gorgeous!

P2 swears that she has NOT gone over to the bright side...but I'm not so sure!  She has tons of 'left over' fabric that she needs to use up, so there is another bright quilt lurking in her horizon...I say... yeah SURE, that's what they all say!  Ok...I don't blame her...this is DD (drop dead) gorgeous and deserves applause and cheers...and it does make you want to drop everything, buy the book and start the hunt for some 'brighter' fabric!  And the good news is, we can call it 'Vintage'...

Geeze...I think I just talked myself into buying 'Farm Girl Vintage' too!  I do feel the pull...SEE what happens when you hang with the wrong kind of quilters...:o)))  You start to walk on the dark bright side!

Thanks for sharing, P2!  It's always nice to see (and be inspired) by whatever you are working on!  Bring it on...I'll get out my sunglasses!

Have a thrilling Thursday (apparently the week went a little faster than I thought...have a FUN FRIDAY instead!!:o)) and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I knew we'd eventually suck you in...muhwahhaha. We just got some adorable red (bright) hens and eggs fabric at the shop....just in case....

  2. Have a Fabulous Friday Paulette! That quilt P2 is making is lovely.

  3. really liking these bright colours, have the book and this is inspiring me to get it off the book shelf

  4. I have been following along and all my Blocks are done. I need to get them sashed and sewn together. Love her version! Good going P2!!

  5. Gorgeous quilt P2!

    Not surprised you've been sucked in. Looking forward to seeing your walk on the bright side!