Thursday, October 29, 2015

Love, Make, Quilt...REJOICE!

I love Bonnie Hunter's Blog 'Quiltville- Quips and Snips' and read it daily!  I have to tell you, she is such a wonderful inspiration to all quilters!  I love it when she looks at those old, antique quilts and then makes references to us...the quilters of today!  Stressing that, like the quilters before us, we have to be proud of doing our best work... regardless of our skill level and to love the process!

So in the words of Bonnie Hunter...

"Love it, make it, quilt it, rejoice that we did

And then move onto the next PROJECT...:o))  Yup...we're talking something NEW!!  

What can I say...Bonnie said to love it (and I DO), make it (and I will...)  SEW...hand me that rotary cutter, will ya'!  I'm hoping to rejoice later...

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. i love this pattern. looking forward to seeing you make it up.

  2. Love that one and a I know you will do a beautiful job on it.


  3. Guessing you are planting sone trees for that truck to haul!

  4. Looks like something interesting coming up with a Christmas/winter theme. Is it handwork for your trip south this year? Bonnie Hunter's blog is full of information, always a great tip, and wonderful patterns. I don't know how she does it. Sometimes I'm completely overwhelmed by her. She does, however, inspire me to get going and finish those UFOs.

  5. indeed a great philosophy! And I simply adore that truck!

  6. Bonnie Hunter is my 'quilting hero' ! I love that pickup with the tree in the back, I am looking forward to seeing what your are making next!