Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dog Daze Done...

I finished stitching the binding on 'Dog Daze' last night so she is ready to gift!!  Such a FUN quilt to make!  The dogs were a joy to put together...each different and unique!  The ears and eyes make them! Every time you flip the quilt you get a different re-positioning of ears...and expressions!

 See what I mean...

And on the back... soft, soft minkie!

 Yes, I will definitely be making this one again!!    It's a keeper... and the pattern has a CAT version too...and it's every bit as cute as this one!  GO HERE so that you can make this quilt too!!


Even folded up, waiting for the gift bag, this quilt makes you SMILE...and down right laugh!  Can't you hear this dog...


Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I agree, that is a quilt to do over again and again and with fabric choices it will make it fun, each time.


  2. Love their expressions!! Your mid-arm must have behaved??

  3. This quilt is adorable. Your fabric choices are "spot" on.

  4. I would be hard pressed to give that one away, will bring joy and laughter in its new home I'm sure.

  5. Wow! You are on a roll! Must be on deadline to get lots done. I loved this pattern the first time I saw it. Then when you made it so cute I was very tempted, but I have soooooo many others in line. However, everytime you post pix of it, I am losing resolve. I think I will go download the pattern now. Might as well get the cat one while I am at it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. such cute dogs and love the ears being moveable, someone will love this, have saved the pattern, the cat one appeals but need to improve my skills first

  7. This quilt is sew cute. Do I dare put it on my "wanna make list"?