Sunday, October 11, 2015

Just Waiting for the Cows...

I am prepped and ready...but not for the cows!  I'm talking about being ready for some serious hand stitching to happen...
Check out the new barns...

There is a weather vane that will go to the right of this barn...(all in due course.)

 The wee little lambs will get their legs and ears when the stitching occurs...
I love the tree that is in front of the Yellow Farm House..."Hello Karen..."!!  Can you see her waving in the window?

 The picket fence is ready to go around this to keep all those cows from wandering!
 And here are all the barns together in one happy, almost top!...

 Can you see why I like to prep the blocks ALL together!  Now I have only one mess to clean up...because regardless of whether it's one block or nine blocks...I always have this!!

Well...maybe NOT this mess!!  My new bottle of Roxanne's glue tipped over!  UGH!  (I hate the little pointy tip that it comes I take it off!)  Not a good move!!

 And then there is the matter of the wool mess...Even Rylie didn't want to come into my sewing room!  (I DO enjoy seeing someone else's's like driving by an don't WANT to look but you can't help it!  If you are like that too, then I just made your day! haha)
 But in the shake of a dog's tail, I had the wool back into the appropriate bins and stored back under my mid-arm!
 And yes, the mat got a good scrubbing...and Rylie came back to the fold!  Geeze, she is such a neat freak!

Now that my sewing room is neat and tidy, I have the urge to mess it up again!  Hmmm...

I am so Thankful to have this space to play and create...mess or no mess...and for a quilting dog who enjoys a (relatively) neat space!  

Wishing you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  The turkey is still thawing...and hopefully no wool got into the dressing!

Here's to a SUNNY Sunday and to some very sweet stitching!  Ahhh...Life is good!! ~P


  1. Enjoy your turkey!! Guess we'll miss it this year. Off to Vegas this morning.

  2. Love the barns! And awesome that they're all ready together. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I am never happy with the tip on Roxanne glue.....I have done the same as you but not quite as big of a gooey mess.

  4. I like your barns and glue ; 0) story !
    But ... I do love your sweet , nice beautiful ninepatch ...scrappy light green Quilt very mach !

    Good luck with the next mess ; 0)
    I 've made a lot of mess too ... and when its all stored ..its beginning again ... when i'm inspired to make someting new too

    there is no other (quilting) way
    I think ; 0)

    Thanks for sharing !

  5. Silly question time...if you have fusible web on your wool, why do you need the Roxanne glue? I use pins.

    The farm houses and barns are looking great.

    Gobble till you wobble!

  6. The barns are just adorable!!! How smart to cut them all out at once! I had the same problem with the tip of the Roxanne glue; I think someone came up with an alternative but I don't think I ever tried it. Keep up the good work!

  7. A clean sewing room always inspires me to start something new, something fresh.

  8. What a shame about the glue. I think I would have had to go outside for a minute and scream. Great you were able to clean it off the mat. The barns are looking wonderful. A nice little sewing project for this long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, hope the weather stays good, no storms or power outages.

  9. Glad you got the mess cleaned up. I do enjoy seeing how others create. LOL I'm with you about cutting everything at one time. Mostly because it really helps me to keep the blocks looking like they belong to the same quilt. Enjoy your holiday!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family !! It's makes good sense to have this celebration in October rather than in November and I hope you enjoy the time with your family !! Happy Eating !

  11. Very pretty barns!!! Remember the sooner you clean the mess, the sooner you get to work on your next project!!!

  12. Great quilt project, not so great glue glitch. Sorry! Try soaking your mat in a tub of warm, not hot, soapy water. It's supposed to loosen the stuff that gets stuck in the slice lines and helps to repair all of those rotary cut lines. I tried this on a small mat. It does make a difference. A plastic kitchen scrubbing pad gets the stuck parts off too.

  13. This barn quilt is one of my favourites. You are doing a great job. Sorry about the mess on your cutting board!

  14. this is a lovely project you are working on. I think we all get in a mess when making blocks but we are not so good at tidying up as you are, all so very neat

  15. Paulette, your blocks are GREAT! You always amaze me at how fast you get projects together. I look forward to seeing these as you get them stitched. So good to see that your work space looks like mine after creating. Now I just need to find myself someone like Rylie to help fold. lol Happy Stitching!

  16. Love those barns! Really coming along. Sorry about the glue disaster. I can't work with glue - it seems to only stick to my fingers!