Sunday, October 4, 2015


I hit the jackpot on Saturday while Garage Saling!  Actually, I wasn't even going to go GSing...the plan was to go to a Fall Church a few books, a jar of pickles, a plant or two and be on my way.  BUT I arrived early...and it was too darn cold to wait around outside, so I followed a Garage Sale sign to a nearby sale.  I knew going up the driveway that it was MY kind of GS!  (Wouldn't you know I would forget my iPhone charging in the cradle at home!  I would have LOVED to have taken some pictures!  After all, SEEING is believing!!)

BUT I do have pictures of the LOOT!  (I'm sure my neighbours worry about me...haha)  Just look at those old windows...and in gorgeous shape!  Love the patina of the green one and the brown one has been sanded till it glows!!  And they were all just a few dollars!!  Yes, that is a LADDER...correction...a quilt ladder. :o) Beside it is a beautiful chalk painted mirror that I want to hang by the door in the RV.  And do you see that LONG framed board...well...the owner was going to make it into a sign for over her kitchen door...which I like the idea of... but I think I will use it for a Maggie Bononomi pattern where the wool mat is long and skinny.

Now for the smaller loot..

Bread boards...Bread, Butter and Jam...LOVE!!

The sweetest hand carved rabbit...feels so soft and smooth...and love the paint finish!

 It's a work of art...
And back!
 Love the pewter bowl! (turned upside down...)

Some old wooden sock forms...for drying my socks in front of the fire!  :o))

Hand carved wooden utensils...old...even a wooden a white crock pot...which I LOVE and looks perfect with my other kitchen junk! 

And of course I was playing with THAT green window!  I loved the fact that it didn't have any panes to get in the way!  PERFECT for a small quilted flimsy!  Maybe not this flimsy but one made in the very near future!!

So that's it!  I had enough money left to stop off at the Church Sale (albeit late :o) to buy a few books and a potted plant for the garden!  What a FUN Saturday!  What about YOU...did you do anything exciting?  Come on and share...we want to know!

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Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Lovely! It was so nice of you to go shopping for me! That little bunny is adorable, and those windows!!!!! I've been wishing for a quilt ladder for quite some time as well! When can I expect my new toys to arrive????
    PS-Please wrap all my new treasures in the red and white quilt to keep them safe as they travel! ;-}
    And yes....I voted!

  2. You go to the most amazing yard sales, people here don't sell good junk they keep it. Love the old windows. I have one hanging year round with a Santa painting that I did many moons ago.

  3. Oh, my dawG!! I need that ladder! Have been looking for one just like that for simply ages! What a lucky woman you are Paulette, you found some treasures.
    The other Marie!!!

  4. You do have the best luck at gs.. I enjoy going to them too. Never know what treasures you might find.

  5. I knew from the title of your post, you made out like a bandit again. You did score great loot! I especially loved the window frames.

  6. Wow! Lots of treasures and I love the ladder which is perfect for some pretty quilts. Have a great day! The weather is gorgeous in Eastern Ontario.

  7. Great haul Paulette, when I saw your rabbit yesterday on Instagram I thought it looked familiar. I checked and I have two that are very similar, but are one sided and a bit more primitive but with the same green ribbon.,

  8. Love your loot,specially the bunny! Love Buttermilk Basins truck woollies!

  9. Big fan of Stacy here, have watched her grow in to this wonderful artist. Loved every single thing you got, you hit the jackpot for sure. Love that green frame and with that small quilt in there, perfecto!

  10. You have the best luck at garage sale finds. I am jealous!

  11. You got some great goodies, I really need to hit the yard sales, but most of ours are kids junk. I would like to find some used play equipment though, so keeping my eyes out.


  12. Gorgeous treasures. Cute idea to use the window as a frame. None of the garage sales I go to are EVER like this one.

  13. some lovely finds you fond, think maybe the owner was a wood carver as they wooden things are so beautiful, I too love wood. Shame we do not have garage sales here maybe just as well as I should be selling not buying myself time to destash

  14. Wow how lucky, such fantastic things you found! I love garage sales... that we don't have here.

  15. You are the queen of garage sales!

  16. Scored all right!!! I love it all!!! I think when you don't plan on garage saling, you find the best treasures!!!