Sunday, October 18, 2015

Memory Quilts...

Last weekend I helped a friend quilt two memory quilts.  Her teenage brother had died tragically in a car accident two years earlier and it was time to turn his old t-shirts into memory quilts...

Even though Jessica had never quilted before, she did an AMAZING job!

Here's the first quilt....

This quilt was a gift for Jess' sister....

 There were tons of great T-Shirt logos...and family photos...
 And the second quilt was for Jess' mom...

I can't think of receiving anything more special...

Jess did a wonderful job on her quilts...the fabric was t-shirt fabric (front and back) which is VERY stretchy!  The mid-arm did not like it but we plowed through and got 'er done and they turned out beautiful! No puckers front or back!  As you can see, we stitched organic lines...or wonky lines.  We kept it simple...

These two quilts are going to bring Jess' mom and sister a lot of comfort and will stir up all kinds of memories of a wonderful son/brother!  Jess has two more quilts to for her niece and one for herself!  I hope I get the chance to help Jess with these next two quilts as it was such an honour!  

Wishing you a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. How kind of you to help your friend with these memory quilt, they are really nice and I'm sure will bring a lot of comfort to all. Well, done, Paulette!

  2. What a wonderful act of kindness.

  3. It is wonderful that you could help her and she will have treasures for herself and others, because of your kindness and help.


  4. how touching, so tragic to lose her brother but to make these memory quilts is a wonderful thing to do, you must have been such a great help to her and have hopefully now converted her into being a quilter

  5. Nicely done! So sweet of you to help with her project.

  6. I really love the layout of these quilts, and of course everything they represent. Beautiful.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Quilting is also about healing!! So nice of you to help her get her quilt made.