Monday, March 2, 2015

The One That Got Away….

Imagine my surprise when Clubhouse Chris pulled out this magazine…

                 IMG_3991 - Copy

I stared at the cover…nope…I had NEVER seen this one before!  AUTUMN 2014…just last season!  Now how did we miss this one?  It’s a good one too! Check it out…

IMG_3992 - Copy

(No that’s not my thumb on the left!! I had to look twice too!!   heehee…looks like a witch’s thumb but it’s part of the display!!)


IMG_3993 - Copy

It’s called “All Around Town’'” by the Country Threads Ladies!  They score a touchdown with this one!!

This one is a Norma Whaley’s Timeless Traditions!  Gorgeous as usual!

IMG_3995 - Copy

Looks like a Jan Patek…(this is a guess…so I apologize if I am wrong!)

IMG_3996 - CopyIMG_3998

This one is called ‘White Gourd’ and it’s by Lisa DeBee Schiller…no guess work here!:o)  Very sweet!

                  IMG_3997 - Copy

And check out THIS ONE…just lovely…and could hang all year round!


So many fantastic patterns!!  Yes, Quiltmania has done it again!!  What a wonderful magazine, chock full of goodness!  How this one got away is beyond me!  It came out about the same time as the Nov./Dec #104…and I was watching for THAT one!! 

Yup…it’s the one that got away….  I can sure sympathize with the fisherman’s tall tales …can’t you?  Just for the halibut!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Like I need more projects to do, lol.
    The blog hops and woolie challenges are keeping me busy this month.


  2. There is still the possibility to backorder at Quiltmania in case of necessity... ;)
    Best wishes!

  3. Quilmania es una gran revista!!!
    en España hace años la que recibimos,
    yo tengo una suscripción, siempre estoy esperando que llegue el cartero,
    ahora tenemos acceso a otras publicaciones
    como Primitive Quilts, también me gusta

  4. Trying to find the quarterly Quiltmania can be a challenge. Because of the cost I like to pursue them before purchasing them but I do have a source for them. I finally found a source for Simple Vintage and they suddenly closed their doors! :-(

  5. On the site of Quiltmania you can browse through some pages of the magazines by clicking on them. (and no, I am not a shareholder... :) )

  6. Hi Paulette love the book but have I missed a few days? I thought today was Monday but it must be Wednesday in California!!!!! LOL Hugs, Susie x

  7. Love the Log Cabin and House quilt! May have to get this issue.

  8. Thanks au lot Paulette ! It's so fine to read you about Quiltmania ! Laurence from Quiltmania !