Sunday, March 29, 2015

There’s WOOL in Them-There Hills!

A friend gave the shout out… that there was a dazzling WOOL quilt hanging in our local Red Barn Quilt Shop!  WHAT…wool in the Cowichan Valley?  Unheard of!!  So the next day I motored over but… alas… NO WOOL QUILT  was hanging!  She was gone!

I mentioned the wool quilt to the Sales Clerk and she said the show was over but the quilt was still in the back room…LUCKY ME…I got my own personal showing! 

The quilt was small, bright and BEAUTIFUL!  Sue Spargo would have been VERY proud!


Robin, the artist behind the quilt, did absolutely stunning work!


Her hand embroidery work was awe inspiring PERFECTION!  Absolutely a work of art!


The birds are wool and then Robin used bright and bold fabric to highlight some of the wings. She used her needle to embellish with perfect wee fancy stitches. 


I loved the border too!


It took Robin three years to complete this masterpiece!


This is a quilt that you have to see in person to appreciate the REAL beauty of it!  Pictures do not do it justice!


It’s so nice to see wool work in our valley!  Fingers crossed that we will be seeing more of Robin’s work…maybe some classes?  How about selling wool patterns and wool?  Just one wee corner in a shop somewhere…?  Oh heck let’s dream BIG…How about if Primitive Gatherings opens a shop right HERE…they could call it Primitive Gatherings CANADA!  Now THAT has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 

Hey, a girl can dream…

Have a SUNNY Sunday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Thank you for showing us such a wonderful woolen quilt, a real masterpiece!

  2. Gorgeous work!! So glad you got a private showing and in turn shared with all of us. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful quilt- I would love to take a Sue Spargo class someday!
    Good for you for dreaming big on P.G. Canada! You can't go wrong with any of their patterns!

  4. Sweet birds. So whimsical and cute. Glad you got a chance to see it and share. Total #CreativeGoodness


  5. That's probably "our" Robin from Heritage - embroiderer extrordinaire! She just got a job at the Red Barn.

  6. I got Sue's Bird Dance book and want to start that one day, love the colours that Sue put together when it was a BOM, a fellow Woolie shared some of her blocks when she was working on it but sadly doesn't come to our group any longer. I'd love to see hers now. I've seen Sue's when it was on display in LaConner. Just Beautiful Robin,

  7. That is a beautiful quilt and a great piece to learn stitches and have fun with.


  8. LOL PG Canada... I hope you get your wish!

    The quilt is stunning.... each bird all fancied up :o)

  9. Totally awesome, your post always makes me smile.....