Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Fling 2015…

Yesterday was the Spring Fling Shop Hop, where we visited SEVEN Quilt Shops, all the way from Palm Desert, California to Corona!  It took us just over ten hours but we got ‘er done…dragging our loot behind us! 

Man, we had FUN…that’s fun with capital letters!  So many laughs and of course it helps when someone is a confident FREEWAY driver and Pauline is just the right person!  No white knuckle moments for us…maybe that’s because we were too giddy from laughter to care…?  Regardless, we had a great time!  Thanks Pauline for taking us…or rather …for putting up with us!

Ok, let’s get the show on the road!  I will have to split the pictures up as I took over 70…no I won’t share them ALL…some I am sworn to secrecy…what Happens at the HOP, stays at the HOP! haha

So here is the motley crew…yes, we had THREE co-pilots (Chris (left) , Sandy (middle) and myself (not in picture:) and one VERY patient and unflappable driver!  Try as we might, Pauline never lost her cool!  She is on the right and is still smiling in this picture! 


This is the outside to Stars and Scraps NEW shop…it’s still in Corona but in a different location.  It is much smaller but they still have the same wonderful displays and quilts…and man did they have deals!


They had a HALF PRICE section in the shop…books, fabric, rulers, patterns, threads all for 50% off!…and we bought it all!  “SCORE!”  If you arrived after us, we sincerely apologize for wiping out this area!


Yes, the Stars and Scraps is alive and well and continues to be a highlight on the HOP!


Then it was off to Quilter’s Cocoon…This shop has a bit of everything for all types of quilters! 


Lovely nooks and crannies….(don’t you LOVE this chair seat…it’s an old salvaged recycled quilt!)


Lots of quilts hanging…and tons of good deals!  A wall of fabric for $6 a yard!  I found Jan Patek, Primitive Gathering and Buggy Barn hiding on these shelves WAITING to be rescued!


Then we were off and heading down the freeway until we reached The Painted Lady Quilt Shop in Redlands…by then we were tired, hungry and in need of a washroom!  The PLQS delivered on all fronts!  There were lovely refreshments waiting just for us and of course, they had more deals that we couldn’t say no to!  Where is my will power?  I think I left it at home!


Lovely fabrics and quilts adorned the walls!


Funny how crowds scatter when you bring out your camera!!


So we are almost half way there…FOUR more shops to do…BUT we needed LUNCH!!  This is the a perfect and natural place to stop…give you a time to breath, refuel, and do what quilters do best at HOPS…savour the displays!  (Bet you thought I was going to say use the bathroom!!:o)  Sew…until tomorrow when I will show you the rest of the HOP! 

Hope you come on back…


Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I want to come too! You so make me laugh! :-) What a fun time you must have had. Love all the beautiful fabric and quilts you have shown. Looking forward to tomorrow. As always a great place to start my day. K-

  2. Wow! and Wow again! Looks like so much fun. Love all the quilts. The bright 4 patch star at the end really caught my eye. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. Let's Go To the Hop was one of my favorite songs when I was about 5th grade or so.

  4. Lots of fun and wonderful displays, eye candy overload.


  5. Shop Hops can be lots of fun especially when you have great Quilty buddies to share the frenzy with.

  6. Good Grief, it just doesn't end for you does it? I haven't been to either of these shops and they look wonderful. Can't wait to see the rest of the shops. Be sure and show us what you managed to buy!

  7. I would have been in sensory overload after seven quilt shops!! Beautiful stuff!!