Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Fling #2…

Yes, we are still HOPPING at the 2015 Spring Fling Quilt Shop Hop!   We did SEVEN SHOPS in ten hours…we were tired, exhausted and our wallets were empty but man, we had fun!  There is nothing like an all quilters’ road trip to make those ten hours fly by! 

Make sure to check yesterday’s post to see the mischief that we got up to at the first three shops! 

Ok…back in the car, we are heading to the Busy Bee Shop! 

Lots of batiks, modern fabrics and lots of bundles, charm packs and precuts in this shop!


There were racks like this all over the shop…like rolls of candy to pop into your bag!  These are rolls of Fat Eighths…they also had pie wedge packages of Fat Quarters.


Lovely quilt tucked in the corner!  And of course I found the Sales Section in the back of the shop!  Scored some lovely backing fabric here for $5 a yard! 


Cherry Berry Quilt Shop is practically across the street to the Busy Bee!  Got to love that!  And Cherry Berry’s has wool…in fact this quilt was hang beside us as we got our passport stamped!  Gorgeous and made of wool…and look at the tongues going right around this quilt!  What a ton of work!


Also hanging was the My Garden Quilt by Heart to Hand, done in cottons and then just turned like a pillow case and finished off that way.  No binding…


And how sweet is this…a teddy under a wee Horizon quilt!


Lots of lovely Spring displays but….


…ALL quilters gravitate to the SALES SECTION…see the quilters on the right…that’s what they are looking at!  They didn’t see that the bottom of this case also held stuff on SALE!  SCORE!  I tried to look casual as I lay on my belly checking out all the wonderful $6 a yard fabrics! 


This is an Eleanor Burns’ quilt and it was STUNNING!  The blocks were huge making this quilt enormous!  I just loved it!


A wee stitchery on linen…so pretty and Spring-y!


Lots of lovely quilts to drool over!


LOVED this one…



This Kim Diehl quilt has been popping up everywhere…it’s on my TO DO LIST!  Do you think they are telling me that it’s TIME?


SEW much better in REAL life!


So ends Cherry Berry!  I always have fun there!  Some shops are like that!

Then it was off to…#6 and 7…Monica’s Quilts and Quilter’s Faire!  Both are located in the Palm Desert area…which is our neck of the woods. Neither of these shops had any sales…and my camera’s battery died in protest!  Wouldn’t you know it!

But not before being capturing by this lovely lady at Monica’s!  Annie was fantastic…she is the inventor of Soft and Stable or Texture Magic…one of those!  It was late in the day…so who can remember the fine print!


She invented this fantastic Sewing Kit and teaches how to make it on Craftsy!


She sells these incredible zippers by the roll with a zillion pulls and in every colour known to mankind!


This was her organizer here…


And she sells this incredible ‘stuff’.  It’s not batting and it’s not fusible but it is incredible stuff that gives your bags shape.  REALLY great ‘stuff’! 


A few more of her totes…


And it was here that my camera died!  :o(  To see the rest of Annie’s incredible bags and placemats go HERE!  There is even a link to her tutorials!  If you are into making bags then you will want to see her FREE tutorials!  Plus watch her zipper tutorial…she has AMAZING zippers!  She also teaches over at Craftsy!

So ends another year of HOPPING!  I’m sorry about my camera dying but some things you just have no control over!  I know what you are thinking… “well she should have charged her battery before leaving’  yeah, yeah, I know…I know!  I should have robbed a bank too!  Like that’s going to happen….

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Looks like a fun hop. I have not been to some of these shops, so it is good to learn about them via your eyes. Thanks!


  2. Wonderful stores and I do love the dresdan quilt and the fusible for purses, that would be nice to try.


  3. I always appreciate all the pictures you allow us to see and also the humor in your posts!
    Thank you for taking us along!
    Love following your blog!
    Best wishes!

  4. Glad you had a fun and exhausting time at the shops. I don't know if you have heard of M&L fabrics but you need to stop there before going back home this month. It's in Anaheim, so you could swing by since you go up I-5 to go home. They have name brand fabric flat folds for $2.98 per yard. It's pretty overwhelming after awhile to look through all that fabric, but you can rest after shopping while your husband does the driving. I make a trip down there from Fresno once a year to stock up.

  5. Looks like you and the girls had an exhausting and fun day.

    Don't you hate it when your camera battery dies! It is always at the worst moment.

    Love the Kim Diehl quilt, it always catches my eye also.

    I can't brlieve your time is winding down so quickly but I'm sure you will have some lovely memories and stash enhancement to last awhile.

    Love that tuquoise zipper with the lime green pull. I may have to invest in a few of those.

  6. I love that you share your hops with us! There is so much to see!

  7. It looks like you gals had a wonderful time quilt hopping! Nothing like shopping with your girlfriends! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I love seeing quilt shops from all over.
    Happy Sewing,

  8. Great show and sale! Thanx for the ideas. I can get those zippers locally for $1.00 a yard. I am having fun with them! L

  9. So much to look at! Thanks a bunch for sharing!