Thursday, March 19, 2015

Singing in the …SUNSHINE!

On Tuesday, Clubhouse Pauline made THIS!!


It’s an umbrella that she is planning on using for a shade!  Pauline could use it in the rain but she wants one to hook onto her lawn chair to keep the sun off her!  She took a class at “Quilter’s Faire Quilt Shop” in Palm Desert and she said it was a lot easier to make than she thought it would be!

Pauline said she learned a lot…like making this little strap and snap!


Love this picture…Yup…it’s an umbrella and it’s staying up!


It’s fully lined and sprayed with a silicone to make it rain resistant!


Check out the desert print on the outside…


And a funky green lining inside!


Pauline is so pleased with it and so is her hubby!  In fact, he wants one too, so Pauline is making his to match hers but in a jungle green! 


VERY COOL…which is what they are hoping to be!!

Thanks for sharing Pauline!

I am posting this early as we are hitting the road at first light.  We will be hitching up the RV and pointing her due North!!  Yeehaw!  Wagons HO!!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I love it and what fun to make our own with prints we like. I hope you have safe travels tomorrow and nice weather.


  2. Safe travels and a warm welcome back to Vancouver Island, we've missed you.

  3. Cut prints that she chose, safe journey home Paulette.

  4. mom tells me it's starting to warm up down there...time to get home. :) Your post made me smile!

  5. mom tells me it's starting to warm up down there...time to get home. :) Your post made me smile!

  6. I want to make one of those!!! How cool! Safe travels, tell that quiet husband of yours hello and safe travels too!

  7. What an excellent project! I too would love one of those. Happy trails!

  8. How COOL is that!!! And I thought umbrellas could only be made in China?!

  9. I always know that spring is near when you pack up and head north! Woot!

  10. I have never ever heard of someone making their own umbrella. Do you buy an umbrella frame or de-fabric an old one?