Thursday, March 19, 2015

It’s a Clubhouse Wrap…and I’m not talking sandwich…!

Yesterday was my last Clubhouse Day…:o(((  So ends my three month Quilting Retreat!  I know…all good things must come to an end…but it really does feel like we just got here!  On the other hand, I AM missing home…and our wonderful Spring weather and of course my friends and family at home!  So it IS TIME!  We leave tomorrow!

Here’s a glimpse of our Clubhouse Adventurers yesterday…yes, our hive continues to buzz with about half the bees! 

First off…this lovely baby quilt…soft as baby’s powder!

IMG_4173 - Copy

Isn’t it pretty!

IMG_4174 - Copy

The Placemats continue to be cranked out…Someone’s dinner table is going to look mighty fine!

IMG_4177 - Copy

Pauline’s zigzag quilt is taking shape and it is magnificent and huge!

IMG_4190 - Copy

Sandra finished her table topper and just in the nick of time as she left for home on Tuesday!  Safe travels, Sandra!

IMG_4191 - Copy

More gorgeous table mats getting their binding stitched down by Doris!  SEW pretty!

IMG_4192 - Copy

Yes, the girls are on a roll…Jan’s version of the same mats!  Loved them all!


And Diana’s version….Beautiful!


Diana, who is new to quilting, is practicing her skills on these mats…They are ever nicer in ‘real life’ and they are the  perfect project for binding practice!  Nothing like leftovers…YUM!

IMG_4193 - Copy

And a Fall version of the same mat~


Deb is on the home stretch…she has finished her quilting and is now putting on the binding!   Yeah, Deb…she is looking magnificent!

IMG_4194 - Copy

Kim has prepped her Laundry Basket quilt and is machine appliqueing the motif.  I can’t wait to see this one finished…maybe next year in our Clubhouse Quilt Show!  It is going to be stunning!

IMG_4196 - Copy

Karen was working on her newest project…in the most unusual and beautiful fabrics…

IMG_4200 - CopyIMG_4201 - Copy

This is the pattern…

IMG_4202 - Copy

She has finished the blocks and is ready to sew it together…but that will have to wait for HOME because that’s what she is doing…heading home!  Safe travels, Karen!

IMG_4203 - Copy

Here is Sandy’s FIRST casserole carrier!  She did such a great job, that she is now working on Casserole Carrier number TWO!  Can you guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?  She is making them in the cutest kitchen-y prints!

IMG_4204 - Copy

Be prepared to SWOON because that is what JoAnne is going to make us do!  She is building the ‘Swoon’ blocks by Thimble Blossom!~

IMG_4162 - Copy

And let me tell you, each block is massive!  They really showcase her Kansas Trouble fabrics…swoon!  Told you!

IMG_4205 - Copy

This shows just how big each block is!

IMG_4198 - Copy

Kim finished off her sweet baby quilt…a gift to her son’s friend!

IMG_4253 - Copy

Lovely loop-ti-loop quilting!


Chris is working on her “Come On To My House” quilt and let me tell you, this quilt is going to be S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!!  Love it!  Sew worth the time and effort that Chris is taking to make this quilt!


She now has a stack of trees to go with the stars!  Just wonderful!~


Kim’s newest creation made from Primitive Gatherings newest fabric called ‘Lakeside Gatherings’!  Another big and fast project!


Kim bought this book…and she is going BIG!  This looks like a great book!


And YES, I was busy…this is after I picked up the big stuff!  I sew like Eleanor Burns…cut and over the shoulder!  YIKES!!


I forgot to take pictures of our Pot Luck Luncheon!  Man, these ladies know how to cook up a mean casserole…salad, dessert…and of course…QUILT!  Safe travels, ladies…it was a SLICE!  See you all next year!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. So much creativity! Thanks for the wrap up, Paulette, and safe journey to you too!

  2. Beautiful projects! Safe travels!

  3. Have a safe trip and enjoy the quilt shops on the way, if you stop over in Portland hope you can get to Pioneer Quilts, it's beautiful in their new location.

  4. Safe travels to you and Rick! I have a set of those same placemats somewhere, unquilted as are so many of my projects!!!

  5. Time does go fast down here in the sunshine. Safe travels!

  6. So fun to see what everyone is making--very inspirational!

  7. Enjoy the drive home, P! With quilt shops, that should take you about three weeks?

  8. Wishing you a safe journey. I will miss your clubhouse girls.

  9. Looks like it was a great day at the club clubhouse, those placesmats look interesting. Have a fabulous road trip home.

  10. Sorry to see you are leaving, I so looked forward to all those wonderful quilt-shop photos. But, on the other hand, I'll be looking forward to all the news from Heritage Quilters when you get home. Safe travels, enjoy the drive, and I'll bet you get lots of stitching done.

  11. As usual, the girls are working on some beautiful quilts. I love the designs on the baby quilt, that is so cute.


  12. I will miss having you just over the hill. You have a safe trip home and will be looking forward to all the updates along the way!
    Know you will miss your 3 month quilting retreat! Hugs.

  13. Thank you for sharing your clubhouse frinds and their projects. Safe travels!

  14. I am going to miss the Club House Doin's. But then I look forward to what's happen' up North.

  15. Thanks for sharing your snow birding adventures. There's no place like home! Drive safely.

  16. Have a safe trip home. I'll miss the activity at the clubhouse, but I'm sure you'll have new Quiting adventures to share.

  17. Hope the drive home is good with good driving weather and not too many idiots on the road.