Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goals for March…

Well another month March-ed off into the sunset…and I bet you’re dying to know how I did with my goals…Did I fall flat on my face?  Well if you had asked me this last week at this time, I would be looking up with mud all over my face!  But today, NOT so…since returning home I have been stitching like a crazy lady!

Goal One~  Stitch 10 houses a month…check!


Bringing that to a total of 32 wee paper pieced houses! 


My box is full…and I am loving making these little 4 1/2” houses!  They are addictive!


Goal #2~  Add two rows to my Clam Shell Quilt Top….check!


There are now 13 rows total all hand appliqued! 


Goal #3~  Make the House Block to ‘Winter Wonderland’ by Norma Whaley…as part of the Winter Wonderland Facebook Quilt A Long…check!  IMG_4366

I still need to stitch the snowman’s face and add a band to his hat…maybe tonight!!

Goal #4~ Finish a UFO…check!  She is quilted and bound…


A label will be added and this should be in the mail by Thursday!  Yahoo!


Goal #5~ All the blocks are completed to the Gift Quilt and I have started to sew the blocks together…CHECK!

And the gravy?  Four hand appliqued Orange Peel blocks and four wonky star blocks made while reviewing Jo and Kelli Kramer’s new book, Country Girl Modern…you can read about that HERE!


Whew!!  I am happy and no mud on this gal’s face! 

Next month my goals are going to be a lot more difficult to achieve as I am adding the wedding School House Quilt to the mix (I will be giving it top priority as I want all the blocks completed by the end of April), PLUS I want to complete the Gift Quilt as it will be gifted to a family member in May.  In addition, I will be starting another another Quilt Along…’Where the Cows Come Home’ begins tomorrow!!   Can I do it?….plus keep my other goals intact? I have my doubts…but I will do my best to get ‘er done! 

Thanks for stopping by!!  How are your goals going?  Has it become a juggling act with you too…and does it feel like the music is going just a wee bit faster?  YIKES!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Your little houses are looking adorable! How awesome your finished your goals--I know it's a good feeling!

  2. I can tell those little schoolhouse blocks are addicting for you and they are so cute. Goodness, you have a ton of goals for April. If you can't meet the goal, I want to see a picture of you with the mud on your face. LOL! I will be pulling for you to get them all done.

  3. It looks like you got a lot done, lots of beautiful projects.
    I need to get in my room and was planning on starting the quilt for my daughter, but she is home today so I can't work if she is looking;)


  4. Great projects. I really really like your little houses? Are they paper pieced?

  5. Oh yes, the music feels like it's going a lot faster with me trying to keep up so I can get through my goal list. You look like you're doing very well though! Love all the wonderful projects you have lined up.:)

  6. Wow I am impressed. I did finish a gift for my daughter and I am sewing the binding on a wall quilt that has been hanging around since Christmas. I Pam trying to finish up 5 WIP's before I start anything new, but no promises.

  7. I just looked at my goals, UGH! will not feel bad, just carry them over for next month. I haven't used my embroidery part of my machine for quite a few years, so I am trying to learn all over. Dealer is to far for me to go get some lessons. I do have my little houses top done. I really feel you did lots this month. Great going and knowing how you work, you will finish with April too. Have a nice Tuesday!

  8. Congratulations on meeting and exceeding your goals and good luck on you April goals.

    Enjoying a bit of sunshine this morning as an unexpected surprise!

  9. Congratulations on reaching your goals Paulette! Your little houses are progressing... so sweet!

  10. I think you are doing amazing with your goals. I didn't even get my little house quilt started, but I did do a big quilt with houses! Congratulations on the up coming wedding, how exciting for your family!!

  11. Nice work Paulette! I love the blue background of Winter Wonderland.

  12. Love all the little houses! You were a busy lady to accomplish all the goals. I have several MUF's that were started! (Masterpiece Under Fermentation). One baby quilt where when it was completely finished had one four square turned one block..Sending it off to QUILTS FOR KIDS! The person it was intended for would have been critical.

  13. lovely projects... love your little houses and the clamshells are gorgeous. beautiful wool embroider too..

  14. I'm very impressed! Me, I am way, way behind on my Texas Star schedule. But there's still time to catch up!

  15. Wow you've been really busy !! All so lovely. Your color choices are beautiful. Very inspiring. I'm work working on 4 quilts getting close to some finishes !yeahhh

  16. I've been enjoying watching your little house collection growing! Glad you made your goal!

  17. you are truly amazing and maybe some of your progress will rub off on me!