Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sour Grapes and California Oranges…

It was sour grapes on Sunday night…when I accidently spilled water all over my computer!  As I was twisting the cap off a water bottle, it caved in and exploded all over the keyboard of my laptop!  The plastic is so darn soft and flimsy on those bottles!  My computer was dead in the water…literally!  Thanks goodness my hubby is a techie…he ordered the parts right away and they arrived within a day…This is what my computer looked like yesterday…waiting…



…until this arrived…and hubby had it installed and running in two minutes!  So I am now back in business!


And the good news…the total cost was $15 for parts and $6 for shipping!!  Got to love it!  Thanks hub, for saving the day!  There won’t be any more water bottles near my computer and  I think I will be putting a lid on my coffee!

But enough about the sour grapes…let’s talk oranges!…

If you have ever tasted a California Orange then you know that they are one of the juiciest and sweetest Oranges ever…

BUT did you know that their Orange Peels are pretty sweet too! 


I have been drooling over Julia K’s Orange Peels  blocks…she just started hers and calls them Pumpkin Seeds…I was so inspired and motivated…to the point where I was thinking about peeling some of my own! 

THEN…I stumbled onto an Orange Peel quilt block tutorial over at “Sew Can She” and well…all I can say is, I am weak…very, very weak!

Although I didn’t use the applique technique in the tutorial, I did use the template provided by the quilter!  She offers THREE FREE different size templates, so I chose the smallest 4” peel…perfect for a charm square.  I sewed together four background beige patches of 5” squares, prepped the peels using the starch method for turning under a 1/4” and now they are all ready for hand applique!IMG_4143

They multiplied like crazy…I now have twelve blocks ready for hand stitching.  If they take me a long time to stitch up, they may end up being sewn into a very small quilt!!  :O) IF I enjoy the process, then I will be peeling more!  We shall see…

Between these Orange Peel blocks and the wool work that I have prepped, I have plenty to keep me from back seat driving on the way home!  Hubby is a happy man!


Check out the tutorial…who knows, you might be in the mood to PEEL some of your own! 

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh pretty!!! I am so glad to have a companion on this orange peel/pumpkin seed journey! Love your pretty blocks!

  2. Oh goodness I love those orange peel blocks. I've made up several and are seeing them into groups of four slow and steady. BUT I like this method where you see the four base blocks together first then add the Orange peel to stitch down. There's parts of me that like things to match up and no matter how hard I try the peels don't totally match up like I think they should so it bugs me and I keep putting it away. This is a great way to do that. Love love love those Reds. Thanks for sharing 😘😘

  3. Handy husbands are the best. Love the orange peels/pumpkin seeds, whatevers but not enough to do one! :)))

  4. Wow! What a guy you got there!!! That's phenomenal! Once again I am drawn to the combination of red and cream/beige! I just love your scrappy orange peel, pumpkin seeds!

  5. Love your red peels! Amazing work that your hubby did, and a perfect price to fix it!

  6. Your orange peels are super sweet. You can't beat the red and creams together. What a great savings on your computer rehab. Hurray for techies.

  7. Whew! On the computer. Glad your hubby knew how to fix it.
    What a fun new project!

  8. Very pretty! Love the fabrics!

  9. So glad you have a very handy hubby! Mine would be off to a computer person. Love the orange peel blocks. I am not going to try those, even thou they are so beautiful. Love the colors you chose. Have a great day!

  10. Remember when it was thank god he is a dr?

  11. Wow, I am impressed with your husband! Lucky the damage was easy (for him) to fix.

    Your orange peels look great, and lots of fun. When do you hit the road?

  12. I thoughts to eas weird that your hadn' yet posted this week and almost e-mailed you to see if all was well...gurss i till would ha eh be no wonder de ring.hg. Glad your hubby could fix it for you so quickly.

    Love using the freezer papers starch method. Your project reminds me of cherry slices against that green toned background, enjoy your trip home stitching!

  13. Cute orange peel blocks and very tempting. Glad you have something to keep you busy on the trip home.

  14. I am glad your husband could fix it, not only do you not want to buy a new one, but you don't want to lose all the info in your computer. I back mine up but not the newest things. I do like that pattern and i have a similar one from a brackman book that i want to do with smaller leaves.


  15. It is nice to have handy husbands for the many jobs that need fixing, whether computers or other things. Glad it was a quick and not to costly fix. Love the orange peel----you go girl.

  16. Is it time for you to head back north already? Doesn't seem like it's been that long since you got there, just a sign that I'm getting older!

  17. I love, love, LOVE your blocks. I wonder what they'll grow into.

    Now, about you drowning your poor computer .....