Friday, May 29, 2015

Mother Like Daughter...Like Grandma!

Do you remember this baby quilt?  Well...last fall I gifted it to a long time friend of my daughters.  Jessica and her husband had a beautiful baby boy seven months ago, so of course they NEEDED a baby quilt!  This week I got an invitation to go for tea and a snuggle...and I NEVER say no to a snuggle!

Of course I was taken to the nursery...and YES, the baby was beautiful just like his mama...chubby and rosy pink, with the softest hair on the top of the sweetest round head!  And big...24lbs...with the chubbiest legs that are always moving!  Yes, he is crawling like crazy...let me just say...he is just PERFECT and snuggle we did...

BUT enough about baby...( more quick snuggle)....this is a QUILTING blog ...Let me show you what was hanging in the baby's nursery!  This gorgeous hexagon quilt...made years ago by grandma!  My iPhone pictures do not do it justice!  This quilt is was folded and hanging over a rod...and it was magnificent! Grandma would be so proud!

Loved the nice off white hexie border around each flower...made it look crisp and clean, a perfect quilt for a baby's room...or for that matter, ANY room!

With inspiration like that on the wall is it any wonder that Jess and her mom have decided to start Quilting!  Yup, Jess' mom bought a brand new Janome Horizon and away they went!  (It's in their blood...thanks to Grandma!  I say why fight it! :o)

This is what Jess just finished...the softest, sweetest Chenille quilt for the the baby!

And Jess's mom is working on the binding to this gorgeous I SPY quilt!

They are helping each other along the road to Mother like Daughter, like Grandma!

Jess has the blocks cut out for FOUR more quilts which she is hoping to gift at Christmas!  Grandma would be very proud indeed!

So this is a good lesson for us all!  Who knows who we are influencing with our quilting...maybe future generations...grand children or even great-grand children who will be inspired to pick up needle and thread long after we are gone!  Kind of warms the soul, doesn't it!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That hexie quilt is very nice indeed for a baby. And your quilt still looks good there too, Paulette! It is so nice to see the generations working together like that. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Awww, what a great post! I love to snuggle the new babies too! I'm waiting on great grandbabies from my crop of grandchildren. So far, nothing but they are still too young anyway. But someday! XO

  3. I love the idea of tea and snuggle. Lots of Family tradition going on there. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! Hugs

  4. I learned the love of needle work from my Grandma and Mom and hope to pass on the joys of hand work to others!

  5. Nice to see the quilting gene activated in the family.

    No one in mine quilts so I don't have any family quilts...sigh...

  6. I love the quilt you made! Perfect for a baby boy. Wow! Such a beautiful hexagon quilt! Yes, quilting genes are hard to ignore. My Mom and Grandma both quilted and though we never quilted together here I am a Quilter too. Looks like Jess and her Mom are definitely hooked!

  7. Grandmother's Flower garden is one that I would love to have. Not on my list to make. Lot's of hand stitching in that one! Thanks for sharing. So glad you got your Snuggles in.

  8. very nice quilts and so good to see more quilters joining the club. How good to have someone to quilt with, I am a little envious as my daughters and granddaughter are not the least bit interested in learning, just like to claim the quilts etc when made!

  9. Good to know that there are young people that want to join in on the creative world of quilting.