Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Goals...

This month my "GOALS LIST" almost did me in!  I think it was because the weather was so nice and the yard needed work...lots of work!

So here how I did~

1. The NUMBER ONE goal for this month was to get the Wedding School House Quilt Top done!  Not only did it get done but I made it bigger!  It's a whole row longer with a total of thirty 12" school houses!
Here's a peak...(it's a positive and negative quilt done in reds and white) The big reveal will be in July, after the wedding!

Now I am waiting for the backing fabric to get was shipped on May 15th so it 'should' be here this week for sure!  Mail from the US to Canada usually takes over two weeks...I swear customs takes forever...maybe they like to fondle fabric as much as I do? :o)

2. Complete the Winter Wonderland Sew Along Challenge blocks...which were the four log cabin corner blocks....check!  This has been such a fun quilt to work on! I also did two stars (only because the homespun bin was out)...not sure if I will keep the green star as it may be too dark...I also prepped the hand stitching Winter Wonderland words for next month...

This is how the quilt top looks so far...

Next months goal will to finish off this quilt top!  :o)))

3. Make ten more houses....check!

For a total of fifty-two 4 1/2" blocks!

4. Add two more rows to the Clam Shell Quilt...check.  There are now a total of 17 rows!  About one third of the quilt top is now finished!  

5. Finish off one UFO....check!  I finished off the snowman runner "Snow Friends' by Blooming Minds!  This has been in a tote for a couple of years so it feels good to have this one done and ready for winter!

6. Complete the next block to 'Where the Cows Come Home'....check!  Block #2 is now done!! 

There are now two blocks done...One step at a time and it WILL get done!!  I am going to LOVE this quilt!  It's a joy to work on!

7. Quilt the gift quilt...nope!  This one is still a top as I just didn't get there but the good news is...I still have a few weeks until it needs to be gifted and besides, I work better under pressure!

So that sums up my May Goals!  This is the first year that I have ever set goals for myself and I have to tell you, it has kept me focused and on track...and I think I get way more done.  The negative can be a pain as the pressure is on to get 'er done!  (I was working on those ten wee houses till the wee hours last night) and I haven't started anything NEW (which is killing me!!) But with a closet full of UFOs this is a GOOD THING!!  Until those UFOs get done, I think setting Goals is my answer!  It does however make for some VERY boring blog reading...

I hope that you have met some of your own goals this month too... feels pretty good, doesn't it!!

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy stitching!~P


  1. So many beautiful projects! I miss my sewing. :0/

  2. I don't feel like it is boring at all! You are such an inspiration to watch you go.... I try your method and then at the end of the month I seem to just change the date on the to-do list ;-( I keep trying and it may take hold. Have a great Sunday. Still hot here. Hugs

  3. my goodness you were wonderfully busy and successful this month. congratulations and workmanship well done.

  4. I very got lots done....I just might try writing down girlfriend says if you work at least 1hour a day on something it will get done......

  5. Wow. I feel like a slacker! Love everything you've done, as usual. Look at all those little houses! They are multiplying quickly! So good for you! You get the Productivity of the Month award! XO

  6. This was not boring! Well done.

  7. You did a good job on your goals. I have to laugh at your snowman runner----you so lots of winter stuff---but it's not "winter" in CA.

  8. Congrats Paulette, I've been playing with my wool appliqué leaves for my upcoming workshop with Sue Spargo...adding layers a a few stitches to the piece I started in 2013! Your multiple projects put me to shame.

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  10. Boring shmoring, I love seeing you finish your UFO' inspires me to do the stick to your guns!!

  11. And did you allow yourself time to sleep...and more importantly, eat???

    Great job, my friend. Every one is a keeper and looks beyond wonderful!

  12. You are never boring! You get another GOLD STAR!! You go, girl!

  13. You did so much work on yor quilts. I also find it inspiring ! And those are not easy quilts your working on they are time consuming detailed beautiful quilts ! Congrats on all you accomplish

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    Um bom de semana com as graças de: Deus.

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    Recife, 31 de maio de 2015.

  15. Wow! Great job!! I think all of your WIPs are just great, but I am bowled over by the Clam Shells - it is sure going to be one beautiful quilt when you finish!!!

  16. you have certanily achieved loads and loads of lovely stitching this last month, at this rate your UFOs will all soon be done. Keep it up!!

  17. All those small steps add up to big leaps forward!