Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thank you, Norma!

I am the luckiest blogger EVER to have such great blogging designer friends!  LOOK at what Norma Whaley, from ‘Timeless Traditions’ gifted me…


LOVE her newest pattern ‘Remember Me”…and I am so glad that Norma remembered me!  She is always so generous with her talents and patterns!  This one is magnificent! (and I’m not just saying that!!)  Seriously, unless you take the pattern out of the envelope and REALLY look at it, you don’t really get a sense of the quilt! 

This quilt is a cotton applique quilt but you could easily substitute wool for the applique pieces!  As usual, Norma’s instructions are clear, concise, with tons of pictures…yes, she takes care with us visual learners!  LOVE the churn dash blocks with the four squares inside…and my favourite block…the circle of flowers in the right hand bottom corner because inside that circle, Norma has embroidered “When this you see, remember me.”  How sweet is THAT!  I am SEW going to be making this quilt! 

Norma also sent me ‘Cottage Garden’…a cotton and wool quilt pattern!  ***SWOON!***  Of course I had the whole pattern out lickety split…


This quilt looks big but it is quite small in real life…finishing off at 33”x 44”…and see those wee squares…they start off at 1 1/2”!  And the wool appliqued blocks… well…‘dang cute’ are the ONLY words to describe them…finishing off at a wee 5”!  LOVE THIS QUILT!!

So now I can add two more quilts to the TO DO LIST!  Thanks, Norma, I needed that!!  haha  Seriously, THANK YOU!  I love them both and hope to do them justice!  Looks like I will be looking for fabrics…but the good news is, with both these two quilts I can shop STASH!  I love scrap happy quilts!

This morning I’m off to the garden to pull a few…ok..A LOT…of weeds!…and as I pull I will be dreaming of wool flowers and cotton flowers for my two garden quilts!  Part of the fun for me, with this whole quilting process, is the planning and dreaming of future quilts…what about you?  Do you do that too?  Yes, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!

Have a wickedly weedy Wednesday…and happy quilting!~P


  1. I need another quilt on my 'To Do' list like a hole in the head, but the Remember Me pattern is just too gorgeous and I couldn't resist getting one! It sure is a pretty quilt!! Now, once I receive the pattern, I've just got to figure out when to start working on it ;o))

  2. How sweet. Lovely designs.


  3. WOW! Congratulations on your two new patterns Paulette! I am envious :o) Norma Whaley happens to be my FAVORITE designer and I love that she just keeps whipping out more and more quilty goodness for us! I am finishing up her Sweet and Simple design and then I'll be racing to back to her site to get my hands on some more of her patterns!!

  4. The Cottage Garden quilt is my favourite of these. 5" blocks! It is darling, and so happy and cheerful too. Planning is the best part for me -- it's the finishing that I'm trying to learn to love!

  5. You are definitely loved and remembered! What awesome patterns. I will have to check out Norma's patterns.

  6. Lucky you. Those are two fabulous quilt patterns. Love Norma Whaley patterns, she has a great sense of fabric and colour, and how to put it all together. Hope you get a start on these soon, I'd like to see how they turn out. Enjoy the gardening, it's looking like a gardening type of day.

  7. Lucky you! How big is "Remember Me"----love that one. I need another project like I need more weeds in my garden.-lol!

  8. Wow! Lovely gift! Beautiful designs!

  9. Somewhere along the way, I intend to order the Remember Me pattern. I had seen it on her website and thought it was such a pretty and creative pattern.

  10. You should see it in person. Stunning!