Monday, May 18, 2015

‘Top’ of the Morning to You!…

I’m sad to say that this wonderful quilt top was not stitched by me…My friend, Sandy whipped this baby up…and it is gorgeous!! It’s a CHRISTMAS GIFT to her son and daughter-in-law…Yup, you read right!  CHRISTMAS!  With SEVEN months to spare, Sandy will not be flying by the seat of her pants this year!  Seriously, she is making the rest of us look bad!  (Have YOU thought about Christmas?…see what I mean!)IMG_0001

Sandy bought the kit to this quilt from MY RED DOOR at the Hemet Quilt Show…The fabrics are wonderful…they are from Barbara Bachman’s new line called “Ladies Album” and in real life they are even nicer…so warm and rich!


Did you know that My RED DOOR has an online shop…which you can find HERE… they may even have this very same kit still available! Hey, if  you start now, then you too can be in the same category as Sandy…that’s the BEST Mother-In-Law of the Year for 2015!  You have SEVEN whole months to get ‘er done…As for me, I think I will go over and browse…and say hello to those wonderful ladies at the DOOR!  They are sew darn nice and accommodating…maybe even wish them a Merry Christmas! 

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. "You know what" kind of fabrics start coming into the shops right about now. I guess it means we're suppose to be thinking about "you know what". Sorry, I just could sat the word so soon. Sandy's quilt is beautiful and she might just deserve the Best MIL award. Great job!

  2. Can we bottle some of whatever Sandy has that makes her so organized!!

  3. I'm not thinking about Christmas, I finally got a quilt loaded and quilted this morning for my husband's birthday in two weeks. He comes home for lunch each day so it can be a challenge to make a surprise.
    That quilt is really cute.


  4. I still have Easter decorations up, so I'm not even close to thinking about Christmas. I will say My Red Door Designs have the best patterns, kits and fabric selections! It's always so hard to decide what to purchase

  5. What a keener Sandy is! Many years ago I made a quilt like this but I only used red fabrics and the sashing was a brown and white graphic stripe. It is a cozy quilt that gets used regularly. I'm sure that Sandy's son and DIL will love their quilt!

  6. Nice quilt. The sashing and on point setting turns a simple four patch into a beautiful quilt.