Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heritage Happenings…

It’s time for a little Show and Tell around here!  I have been getting lazy…OK…I’ve always been lazy, now I’m getting lazier!  So pour yourself a two-cupper and make yourself comfy because the gals at Heritage Quilt Guild have been busy and have tons to show you!

This is Hazel’s bag…made from scraps from the Share Table…Usually when Hazel arrives to Heritage this bag is bursting with rolled up quilts! Hazel is our go to quilter!  When this bag is bursting, then we KNOW that business has been good!  Some weeks she is carrying two of these bags!  Yes, Hazel is loving her new fancy-smancy machine…and so are we!!


Hazel pulled this out of her bag last week…it’s a signature quilt made for a woman battling breast cancer.  I wish I could show you the friendship flower that Hazel quilted all over this quilt…but it turned out blurry! 


Such a sweet quilt that is sure to bring the woman comfort and renewed energy to fight this awful battle!!


A scrap happy quilt…


Another shot of the same quilt…I don’t know which one shows the true light so I will show you both…


A fun baby/child’s quilt!


This is one of Betty’s charity quilt…LOVE it!


Delores made this for one of her daughters!  It is even nicer in REAL life!


Hazel worked her magic on this wonderful spring quilt! 


She took the tulip motif and carried it throughout the quilt in the quilting!


You can see the quilting design better here…


Vicky has been busy too…Check out this Organizational Bag…she used gorgeous fabrics…


…that opens up to this wonderful bag full of pockets and flaps, hooks and see through pockets!  LOVE IT!


Betty was busy this week…another charity quilt in the works!  This woman is a dynamo!


And yet another one of her scrap happy quilts!  Would you believe that both these quilts were made from scraps from our Share Table!!


And Glynis finished her Primitive Gatherings Anniversary BOM!  It is STUNNING!!


Sharon finished her bag…and it is exquisite!!  LOVE IT!!


Bertha has been busy…nothing nicer than a log cabin and this one is going to be gorgeous!


Greer made this for her son and DIL and they love it…and what’s not to love…it’s Kaffe Fassett fabric at it’s finest! 


Another wonderful charity quilt…Heritage makes a ton of charity quilts every year, plus we raise $$ from our Share Table (those donations add up!)!


Lots of pretty place mats…


Jane is our other Heritage Quilter and her quilting is perfection too!  Jane’s quilt is gorgeous…loved the colours and geometric shapes in this quilt!


In fact, I loved everything about this quilt…check out the fabrics…


…and Jane’s quilting is wonderful…you can see it on that top black square!  Lovely swirls compliment this quilt and give it a soft touch!


Jane also made this wonderful baby’s quilt!  VERY sweet!


And yet another sweet baby quilt!


I believe that this is a charity quilt…and a darn cute one!  Almost an eye spy quilt!


And another charity quilt…more I Spy in the same pattern.


Some wonderful baskets made for a daughter!


And Joan is all ready for Christmas!  She made bags for EVERYONE!


This picture does not do them justice!  Most were made from scraps and tablecloths and they are taking RECYCLING to new heights!!

Whew!  Now that was hard work but so worth the re-visit! 

No stitching for me today…I am off to the dog groomer…which means a trip to Nanaimo…While Rylie gets her much needed Spa Treatment, I will have a nice visit with my brother and an In-and-Out of the ‘Snip and Stitch Quilt Shop’ (I hear that they are having a SALE…:)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh my! oh my! oh my! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! So many quilted treasures! Love those pinwheel-churn dash blocks!

  3. Quilters making beautiful quilts! Could you share how your share table works? Thanks.

  4. Dang you girls are busy - and Paulette, if you're lazy then I must be comatose and not know it. I really love the churn dash blocks with the pinwheel centers, very clever - great projects all!

  5. So inspiring! And, that "lazy" comment was ridiculous! When I compare what I get done with what you do, I look comatose! Thanks for the quilt show! Very inspiring!

  6. So much to see. One productive group of ladies. Love Glynis's Primitive Gatherings finish. I was looking through saved patterns yesterday and saw the instructions for the center of this quilt. Don't think I will ever find time to make it. Good to see that she did.