Saturday, May 30, 2015

Block TWO of Where the Cows Come Home...

Renee and I have finished Block TWO of 'Where the Cows Come Home' and let me tell you, we both think this block is dang sweet...and can't wait to get them all finished so that the Cows Can Finally Come Home!

Here's Renee's creation...

For a woolie newbie Renee seems to be a natural!  Gorgeous!

Here's my version of the same can see that both Renee and I are sticking pretty close to the pattern!  I mean really, why mess with a good thing!  

Thanks to Kathy Cardiff I have lovely wheat fields!  I couldn't find any of the mustard coloured Diamond Textile fabrics so she sent me a lovely bundle of it!  I am treating it like the GOLD that it is!
Two blocks down...more to come!  It's NOT too late to join in!  These barns are fast and easy and thanks to Kathy Cardiff and her daughter, Taylor's wonderful instructions, they are a blast to make!

 In June we will be working on the Christmas personal FAVOURITE's the red one with snow all around...and the perfect wreathe on the door!
Renee and I will be breaking out the eggnog and Christmas music....So stay tuned....

 If you want to join in...then go HERE to get your supplies!  You know you wanna....:o)

Deck the barn with boughs of holly...

Have a super Saturday and Happy Stitching!


  1. I like how the wheat fields are done.

  2. You are both doing a wonderful job. Sure looks like fun. You have a super Saturday too! Hugs

  3. Both blocks are so nice! I am eager to see your Christmas Barn block!

  4. 2 very nice blocks I am sure the cows will be very happy when they have their barn

  5. I really love the fields! Wonderful blocks!!

  6. Love the barn blocks...I will be looking closely at yours, Renee's, and Kathy when I start mine in a couple of weeks!! WooHoo!