Friday, May 22, 2015

Friendly Friday…

I’m not the only one who has been busy around here…so have my friends…

Glynis finished her “Winter Wonderland Quilt” by Timeless Traditions’ Norma Whaley and it is off to the quilter!  Let me tell you, this quilt is magnificent!  Glynis bought the pattern and kit from Norma and Norma outdid herself in putting together the fabrics!  They are perfect!  I will be showing you close ups of this quilt once it’s finished!  It’s all cotton with only wool for the berries (Glynis may have added the red wool for berries…I forgot to ask her).  You can find a kit and pattern waiting for you HERE!  I’m shocked at how reasonable the kit is, as this is a big quilt!


And Claire has been experimenting with her new Primitive Gathering rulers…they have the 1/8” marking on them!  When Claire placed her order with PG they sent her a free pattern called ‘Winter Star’…


Claire said that there are tons of little seams in this block.  She said the fork pins (shaped like U’s) are the way to go as they are great for holding the seams open.  Something else to add to my JoAnn’s Wish List for next year!  Yes, this block is dang cute! Adorable…and teeny!

So there you have it…as for me, I will save my project for Sharing Saturday!  Yowzer, another week down!

I have to tell you, a HUGE black bear crossed our hiking path yesterday…our closest sighting yet!  He was big…HUGE, black and very hairy…and thankfully he did not stop to chat!  I, of course, started singing…at the top of my voice… and didn’t stop till we got back to our car!  The song?…why ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain’ of course!:o}

Have a friendly Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Glynis did a lovely job on the Winter Wonderland quilt and the Winter Star block looks challenging.

    Too bad you didn't have your camera handy to share a picture of the bear!

  2. Winter Wonderland is very, very good. Another of Norma's good designs.
    Claire's little star block is cute as can be. Why do we feel the little blocks are cute? Anyhow, good choice to use red and white. Those rulers must work very well.

  3. Glynis's quilt will be perfect for the holidays. Nicely done. Black bears can be a bit crotchety this time of year. Glad you started singing loudly and the bear took its cues to go to the other side of the mountain.

  4. Yikes, you can keep your bears, I will stick with Aussie snakes! I love this quilt and quickly becoming a big fan of Norma's patterns, cannot wait to see her book!

  5. Holy Smokes! About the bear!