Monday, June 1, 2015

The LOOT...

On Friday we went to the Parksville Quilt Show, called 'Generation to Generation'. Oh we had fun…nothing like a road trip with the ‘girls’ to get the heart pumping and the laughter flowing! 

I am not going to show you the wonderful exhibit that the Parksville quilters put on or even the vintage/antique quilts... YET!  That will have to wait for tomorrow…but this morning I thought I’d share my loot! 

What’s so special about my loot?  Absolutely nothing, except that I am thrilled with it!  I was telling my quilting daughter about it last night on the telephone and even got her excited about it!

Let me show you…

Two charm packets of MODERN Background Paper for her and one for ME!!  Yup, that's ME...the Modern Mama!  I can do 'low volume' with the best of them!  (remember when we called it neutrals?)

And four FQ of this beautiful Japanese  flowery print...the closest thing that I will EVER get to Liberty fabrics...I bought one of each of their prints...and took the shop's card and will be checking their on-line store for future prints! I even signed up for their newsletter!  Love them!  However I kick myself now for buying only one of each ...I should have bought a few of each print! They look like vintage fabrics!  If you are interested, check out their online's called 'Steam Truck Crafts' and they are located in Vancouver...just go HERE for a look!  They sell beautiful buttons, lace trims, hand dyed velvets and some Japanese fabrics!  They haven't listed this flowery fabric on their webpage YET!

So starts my hunt!!  Don't you love it when you find fabric that inspires you...and this certainly rings my bell!  I think it's because I have been watching Christine over at  "Quilting Stories Blog" play with her wonderful Liberty fabrics!  Check it out....she writes a great blog with plenty of eye candy and in a foreign land...!  Throw in some pretty fabric and a gorgeous pattern and we have the makings of a romance novel!

Well I must's MONDAY and the sun is shining and I have a busy week planned!  I say "Start Your Engines"...let the games begin!!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I like the print fabric, those are fun to work with and I like using them for backings on pillows too.


  2. anytime is see your blog post with the label LOOT I know there are treasures for sure! lol

  3. Beautiful choices! Glad you enjoyed the day and the show.

  4. Your post made me your loot.

  5. You're so cool! I'm still confused by what's a "modern" quilt and "low volume" fabrics...sigh. I'm just uncool. Hope you have a wonderful week! XO