Thursday, July 31, 2014

Winter Solstice Sew A-long…first round…

If you are a regular reader than you have already heard that we have started an informal Winter Solstice Sew-A-Long!  Today is our FIRST Show and Tell…our goal was to finish the big barn and the small barn in the month of July!  Both were fast and easy blocks…

Starting off the show is Seattle Judy’s (no blog)!  LOVE her finished blocks…Judy ALWAYS does lovely, precise work…and these are no excepts!

barn 1

Next up is Sandy L. (no blog) who did her barns in wools with a cotton background!  Love the textures!


Here’s Sandy L.’s big barn…Sandy did a great job.  Her choice of wool for the red barn are perfect!


And both blocks together!


Glynis (no blog) made her barns out of flannels…and they are gorgeous…and she appliqued a blue wool star over her big barn!


And here is her small barn…love the browns!


And here they are together!


Claire (no blog) made hers out of Homespuns….


Wonderful, aren’t they!! 


And together…


And here’s mine…I wish I had picked a small print for my backgrounds as the plaid went wonky around the chimney…I used wool for my star which I really like!  I also haven’t trimmed my blocks.  I like to do that just before I sew the blocks together.


I made mine in homespun fabric which isn’t very forgiving but will be fine when all of my blocks are complete…or at least that’s what I am hoping!


And all together…


I’m hoping by the time I add all the other blocks you won’t notice the wonkiness of it all! 

Here are the participating bloggers…SEW mosey on over for a gander at their barns!! 

Bev~44th Street Fabric

Pam~The Queen Bee, Stitching Between the Lines Blog (scroll down two posts)

Karen- Laugh Yourself Into Stitches

Sandie- Crazy ‘bout Quilting

There are a few other quilters participating but I haven’t heard from them yet, so they may be late arrivals…but it’s all good!  There is NO pressure here…if you get it done, you get it done!  If you don’t, well there is always next month or the month after that!

I’m off visiting…can’t wait to see what they have made!!  Hope you enjoyed seeing our barns…make sure you come on back at the end of August to see what we have been up to!

Have a Thrilling Thursday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Thump! Thump! "Ouch!" Bam! "I know that doggone book is around here somewhere!" Rustle, Rustle...

    Great Job Ladies...if I find it, I'll have to try to catch up!

  2. loved them all.. great work,ladies!

  3. Everyone's barns are great! I love doing this quilt along. I've had 4 or 5 people say they would join in if they could find their book. Makes me want to alphabetize all my books so I can find them....okay, that's not going to happen. Anyway, thanks for doing this. I know it's a pain! It's fun though! XO

  4. Lovely blocks! Yours will look fantastic when combined with other blocks. (looks good by themselves to me)

  5. Hi Paulette...i have a blog post for you too see! :)

  6. It is fun to see the houses in different fabrics, lots of great choices.


  7. What variety--the same but different. I would have loved to do this with you girls...maybe the next one. All so nice.

  8. Oh everyone's blocks look great! My post is up~ I think I misunderstood our posting schedule, but no worries... I'm not behind... yet! LOL :-)

  9. Beautiful! Have fun you girls.

  10. Hello - I have tried to find the pattern/pattern book online and can not seem to find it. Any hints where I could purchase the pattern from? Thanks!! I am loving what everyone has made so far on the hop!

  11. This is so wonderful to see all these great barns! Thanks for doing this so we can be inspired by it all!