Monday, July 14, 2014

UFO Blocks DONE!!

These blocks have been in the works since 2011…well in all honesty by ‘works’ I mean that they have been stored in my UFO cupboard and have not seen daylight for all this time!  I finally fished them out and they have been my evening handwork for the last few weeks.  With a stitch here and a stitch there, they are now  DONE!!  YAHOO!

Now what to do with these blocks?…the pattern is long gone…(Did I give it away? Or did they get lost in our travels?  Perhaps blown away by the desert winds?…)  I DO know that the pattern is called ‘Old Winter Baskets’ by Buttermilk Basin (thanks to this blog post!!)  One thing about blogging…it’s like a diary…all of my projects are chronicled which sometimes isn’t a good thing!!  All of those poor UFOs!!


And if I remember correctly the pattern consisted of just two sheets of cardboard with the stitching pattern on. I think I bought them at a Quilt Shop down south…


These four blocks were on one pattern sheet…


And the gingerbread men were all together on another…


So I’m thinking pillows, a runner or wall hanging…not sure which and I’m not sure if they will all go together into one project or two!  But definitely some scrappy Christmas sashing will go around each block…this might be one of those projects that evolves in progress…let’s just hope it doesn’t take another three years for this to happen!!:o))

Summer has REALLY hit our island!  We have had several days of 30C (90F) weather…the mornings are wonderful but by afternoon it’s just too darn HOT!!  I have had to water plants twice a day as they are starting to droop…along with me!!  I keep thinking of Palm Springs with their 41to 45C (106+) temperature…OUCH!!  I hope where you live that you are nice and cool…

I’m off to Heritage Quilting today…it’s SEW refreshing to hang with some cool quilters!

Thanks for stopping by…have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. These look like fun... can hardly wait to see what you do with them :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Boy do I know about UFO's! In fact, I finished one block of Winter Solstice which is now a UFO that YOU got me started on! I had forgotten how many little pieces Country Threads patterns have! It's cute though. Can't show it until the 31st when we all show our blocks. I struggled with the colors. I haven't used those colors in a long time but have tons, tons and more tons of that fabric! Fun to use it again! Stay cool! XO

  3. THey are very cute, and I love the idea of some scrappy sashing. I'm sure you'll end up with something wonderful, as always.

  4. Love your embroidery blocks. Very precious. How bout a wool block of some sort in the center. And christmas scrapy colors in borders. I'm sure you will do something awesome. I love your design idea. Your quilts are beautiful always. I was wondering if you might post something on how to care for the wool and cotton quilts. I made one I might like to put on a kitchen table . Or should I jus.t save it as a wall hanging ? It be great to know of your experience , if these quilts can be washed or not ? And if so., what soap and how you did it ? Thanks !!!!!!! Have a great day ! Veronica

  5. Yes, this weather is definitely TOO hot. I find it hard to get anything accomplished. Your UFO blocks are so cute. Maybe you could mix them in with some of your wool work. I do like the idea of Christmas sashing.

  6. Yes hot! K and K are in P S right now working on ex-Gwen park model. Yikes! I think of you often ... All is well here, except for it being even hotter. 42 on the deck yesterday.more yikes!

  7. Those look a lot like the one I did with Tiffany's designs. I used sashing on mine and made a mini quilt.


  8. Triple digit temps forecast for my area. I'm so glad my Quilt Zone is in the basement this time of year. Cute Gingermen for sure. You are making me want to bake some. Way too hot for that. Happy Heritage Day!

  9. Maybe one day I will come across someone who has no UFO`s but think that is impossible! Wonder if you have decided what to do with your squares yet, they are so cute, the baskets really appeal to me

  10. We have as well a hot summer here in Greece... as every year! Your blocks are so pretty, I am sure you will do
    a beauty with them!