Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A One Woman Show!

I am SEW grateful that my friend, Glynis doesn’t write a blog…because then SHE would be writing about her projects instead of ME!  This is one prolific quilter…plus she has an award winning garden!!  How she does BOTH is beyond me…??

Anyways…on with Glynis’ show!!  Glynis belongs to the BOM Club sponsored by Primitive Gatherings…they are using the ‘101 Fabulous Small Quilts Book’ for the patterns.  Every month Glynis receives a surprise parcel…enough fabric to make one of the quilts…the pattern and fabrics are selected by PG!  A great FUN idea!  It started in January and it’s no surprise that Glynis is right on target…six adorable COMPLETED quilts under her belt!  Yes…completed…as in quilted and bound!!  Have a look…



I recognise THIS blue/beige beauty as it is on MY To-Do List (the pattern is in ‘Back to Charm School’ by Country Threads)!  I wrote about that book HERE!  Oh, I LOVE this quilt!!


SEW pretty!!


Wouldn’t this one make a great signature quilt…!


This would be a fun BOM to sign up for…it would be like getting a birthday present EVERY month!!  You can read more about this BOM HERE!


The other quilt that Glynis recently completed is this GORGEOUS wool wall hanging…believe me this picture DOES NOT do it justice!!  Stunning!!


It’s called "Flower Basket"  By Wooden Spool Designs

There will be plenty more posts coming up as Glynis is busy working on ‘Houses, Houses’, the Summer BOM and the free SBOM put out by Primitive Gathers…ohhh…and six more Little Quilts!!…plus anything else that spurs her fancy!!  Yowzers…makes me tired just thinking about it!!  Yup, Glynis is FAR too busy to start her own blog!!  Thank goodness!! :o) 

Bring ‘em on, Glynis!!  We’re waiting…

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wow love it all. So funny just bought that book at Joanne's this weekend and bought that pattern of the baskets a few months ago. So many quilts I want to make. My desire is faster than my fingers. Lol. Have. A long growing to do list and not much free time. But fun to even just think about. Lol your blog is very inspiring. Happy sewing ..

  2. Wow, everything is beautiful.
    As a Christmas gift I signed up friend to receive the monthly mini quilt (the gift that keeps on giving) and she has had lots of fun making each quilt every month.

  3. Her quilts are beautiful and I like the fact that they are small in size, but not work. I am going to their site to check it out. Tell your friend "gorgeous". Wish there were more time in my day. Work just has to always get in the way LOL.

  4. Wonderful quilts and I do love the flower baskets.


  5. The idea of the monthly small quilt surprise is something I like. But would I keep up with it is something else. I have some kits now for some smaller quilts but not as small as these you show.

  6. such a variety of quilts here, can see your friend has been busy, what an achievement

  7. Glynis does such beautiful work and she is an inspiration.

  8. Wonderful quilts and I really love the 3D blocks, that is something I would like to try with the baby fabric.