Friday, July 18, 2014

One Thing Leads to Another…it’s a FACT!

This seems to be how my life has been going lately…I start one project and end up doing another!  And it doesn’t always involve quilting!  Let me give you an example…I’m sweeping the floor and before I know it I am washing windows…Or I am outside watering plants and end up throwing the ball for Rylie…for an HOUR…meanwhile there is a big puddle under the roses!  I’m cleaning the fridge and end up making banana bread…WHAT’s going on?

Yesterday I decided to tidy up the sewing room.  I had finished this month’s big and little barn blocks for our BOM Sew-Along (reveal is at the end of the month:) and the room is now wall to wall homespun!  Looked like we’d had a party, a very good party and this was the aftermath…so I started to fold and sort and before you knew it… I had this all ready to stitch..


I WAS in need of more evening handwork…and isn’t this sweet?!  It was a gift from a friend :o) (thank you friend!!) and I LOVE it!  So pretty with gorgeous vibrant colours!  It felt good putting this together…like drinking cocoa on a cold winter’s night…(The Pattern is called ‘Under the Stars’ by Piece of Work).

AND you know how one thing leads to another…I got out this ‘in progress project’…I had finished embroidering the stems…


…‘Summer Blooms’ by Primitive Gatherings…Ahhhh, yes…I bought the kit from PG… SEW in a trance like state, I prepped all the wool and cut it out…


..and before I knew what hit, I had a block together!…a very pretty block!


…and one block lead to three blocks…


…and three blocks lead to four blocks!


Aren’t they pretty….!!  And no that isn’t a’s a simple fact!


Also a fact is that my sewing room is now a combination of bits and pieces wool AND homespun…a complete and utter disaster!  Hmmmm….I wonder how many more blocks I can make when I go in there to ‘clean up’?  And no that’s not a question…it’s a fact!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. WOW...can you come clean my sewing room too? Maybe more things would get done! haha!Love under the stars and those blooms!!

  2. I love your wool pieces, they are so beautiful and gorgeous wools.


  3. Its a law of nature (just like the law of gravity) that even thinking about cleaning up a sewing room can lead to multiple projects in multiple universes or domains.

  4. You are too funny! I do the same thing, but add in my hooking stuff along with quilting, wool applique and it's a giant mess. Right now my cutting table has about 15" of space because it's piled with stuff left over than needs putting away.

  5. You've certainly accomplished a lot, but I know what you mean. I go to get something from a drawer, end up cleaning out that drawer and a few others, and completely forget what I went to the drawer for originally. Oh well, your sewing room might be a disaster, but look how inspired you've become.

  6. Love all your projects! Have a great weekend!

  7. You may be going from one thing to another but you are accomplishing something one way or another. The bird piece is a good prim design. And the Primitive Gatherings blocks wonderful!

  8. I think instead of looking at it as a disaster you should look at it as inspiration for your next project! Homespun and wool would be great together!

  9. I can so relate:) except I never seem to get done with anything. I just putter here and there and pull more and more fabric out. You do so many beautiful projects! You truly inspire me!

  10. You can be sure not to be alone to progress this way! The most important is that we achieve something at this end!

  11. I always make a bigger mess trying to clean it up! The saying goes for cleaning my bedroom. Just saying...

  12. What a relief to know that I am not the only person who goes from point A to D,F,H before getting to point B.

  13. I laughed so much reading this...I thought I was the only one who goes from one thing to another....whenever I come home and start to unpack, I end up cleaning my closet and drawers! Your blocks are all so pretty, and the Piece of Work design is gorgeous. Love the colours you are using!

  14. LOL! I can relate! Love the link to Piece of Work designs.
    As far as Primitive Gatherings, I plan on leaving a crappy review on my blog next week. My first order online and customer service stinks. (they have yet to make it right)

  15. Isn't that funny! I think it happens to many of us at times. Looks like you accomplished having fun more than cleaning tho.

  16. It happens to the best of us, maybe we were butterflies in a previous life flitting from one flower to another. You have certainly got some lovely projects on the go and it beats tidying up

  17. I wonder if being retired inspires meandering through our days. I spend most days much like this day of yours. I like it, just shows a relaxed yet productive mind at work. Although I can't claim to come out of my sewing room with as much accomplished as you do! 😀